Monday, May 8, 2023

Deb's Super Sensational Solo Summer Adventure

It's time for a new adventure and it's going to be a big one! Let's look at the numbers:

*One non-stop flight from Boise to LAX.

*Two nights in a San Pedro, California hotel.

*106 nights (yowza!) on the Island Princess.

*One non-stop flight from Heathrow to Vancouver, Canada.

*One night in a Vancouver hotel.

*14 nights on the Grand Princess.

*One flight from Vancouver to San Francisco and another from San Francisco back to Boise.

With just one suitcase.
One middle aged woman.
On a mobility scooter.
Traveling the world solo for 123 days and nights.
While her husband holds down the fort at home.

Click the links and follow along as I document my Super Sensational Solo Summer Adventure: