Friday, May 26, 2023

Fort Lauderdale Turnaround Day and a New Cruise

I was up and at em this morning at my usual 6 AM. I watched us sail into port and scoped out the best way to get to the post office. Usually we would be cutting through the parking garage and making our way by the convention center. Not this time as the area is a construction zone.

Port Everglades new construction in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Did I find a Scooter-approved way? Yep.
Dodge the thunderstorms? Yep.
Mail the Costa Rican coffee home? Yep.
Pick up supplies at Publix? Yep.
Roll past a lizard? Yep. And yuck.

Move into my new cabin? Yep.

Pass go and collect $200? Nope. My first ever instance of catching Covid sends me straight to cabin-jail. A white collar suite life kind of jail. (FYI - once you have Covid the suite life doesn’t get you one bit of preferential treatment.)

Three sea days ahead until Halifax, Nova Scotia. Should be a great cruise once I get past June 1st, my first potential release date.
Goodbye, Fort Lauderdale. Until we meet again.