Sunday, June 18, 2023

Honningsvag, Norway

Hello from Honningsvag, the northernmost point of our cruise.

Honningsvag, NorwayHonningsvag, Norway

We’re in the land of the midnight sun now. Any guesses on what time I stayed up to take this picture?

midnight sun in Norway

12:30! It made for a short night for sleeping because when the Captain announced a little after 6 AM we had whales on both sides of the ship, I wrapped myself like a mummy in my brown fuzzy blanket and camped out on the balcony. 
Early morning minke whale watch
I saw a ton of whales. Unlike humpbacks, these minkes didn’t travel in pods and weren’t breaching and showing off their tails. They just swam along similar to an orca, up and down, up and down. 

Once we arrived in port many passengers took tours heading to the North Cape but I stuck close to home. Since today was Sunday and most stores were closed I got my laundry done before heading off the ship around 11. I started off by going up a little slope towards the shopping area to give Scooter a chance to prove himself on hills. 

Oops, forgot the picture of the slope

Yep, closed up

He wasn't a fan of the incline (go figure) but he really wasn't a fan of all the uneven pavers. During Idaho winters we sometimes get frost heaves when the roadway buckles, bulges, or dips from the freezing weather. Here the roads themselves seemed to be smooth but when it came to the sidewalks, watch out. The changes in the pavers made the scooter go up, down, and sideways. 

What a rollercoaster of a workout to keep control

Thankfully there were other areas to explore. The marina had wooden walkways and pavers in better shape  and certainly the scenery made up for the bump-bump-bump my bum bum felt there.

colorful boats in marina in Honningsvag, Norwaycolorful boats in marina in Honningsvag, Norway

colorful boats in marina in Honningsvag, Norway
I watched people hike this mountain. Wow.
There were several pieces of art made from trash found along the coastline. 
Trolls are big in Norway.
I even discovered other objects decorating spaces.
I stopped for a treat...
before I made my way back to the ship.
Island Princess docked in Honningsvag, Norway
It was a beautiful day for exploring. I'll be back here again in August and based on today's little jaunt I've already made my plans for then.

Tomorrow a sea day then off to Gravdal in the Lofoten Islands. See you then!