Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Isafjordur, Iceland

Hello from Isafjordur, Iceland! Boy oh boy we got lucky today.

landscape view of Isafjordur, Iceland
When we were here in June most of the day the bridge cam looked like this:
Isafjordur, June 6
and we had to get to shore using these:
Island Princess water shuttle
Tenders taking passengers to shore on June 6

But today? We had two things on our side.
1. Isafjordur is building a new pier and the Captain received word last night we'd be able to skip the tender ride and pull right alongside the brand-spanking new dock. It was so brand new they hadn't even taken off all the plastic they used to keep the rain away from the drying cement.
new pier construction in Isafjordur, Iceland
Once we arrived they moved the plastic and started on some more cement-pouring.
pouring concrete for new pier in Isafjordur, Iceland
By the end of the day they had made some pretty amazing progress but you could tell it was a rush job. Even the new stuff we walked on was not the best laid concrete. Could be quite hazardous if you weren't careful.
pouring concrete for new pier in Isafjordur, Iceland
2. The rain never materialized. There were a few drops here and there but nothing Scooter and I couldn't handle. 

And geez, did we handle a lot. It was another day of wandering here, there, and everywhere without a map. I followed the walking man signs for a while but then I veered off my own way.
markings for path to town in Isafjordur, Iceland
I called this one training for hurdles
Of course I got my statue and street sign pictures.
Fishermen's Monument in Isafjordur, Iceland
downtown signage in Isafjordur, Iceland
Uhh..which way?
I called this one kickball in the street
I made sure I got pictures of a church and other buildings.
Church of Isafjordur in Icelandold boat in front of house in Isafjordur, Icelandcolorful home in Isafjordur, Iceland
Can't pass up the bright colors on a rainbow street...
rainbow path in Isafjordur, Iceland
or the color combinations of the flowers and boats and water found all in one picture. So nice I had to take the picture twice.
view of boats in water in Isafjordur, Iceland
view of boats in water in Isafjordur, Iceland
I heard about some viewing platforms but as I got closer I realized the hill wasn't going to be my friend so I turned around.
hillside trail in Isafjordur, Iceland
The hike took you up above the green hillside. Yep, not for me.
But I also heard about another viewing spot to the right of town so I tried heading that direction, too. 
hillside trail in Isafjordur, Iceland
Found the trail! Again, not for me.
So I kept going. To the red-roofed house…
Found the house!
Found a baby waterfall
And then I went up to the point where I heard dogs barking. No sense in getting myself in trouble so I turned around. I was farther from town than I thought.
After rolling around about every pathway around every waterway I could (and having to change to the backup battery) I stopped in the grocery store for another pizza focaccia. When I was in Akureyri in July I picked up a pepperoni one and today I picked up a combination one.
combination focaccia pizza in Isafjordur, Iceland
I tasted a hint of oregano maybe?
Everywhere I went today I was reminded of how beautiful Iceland's landscape is. Even when returning to the ship.
ships docked in Isafjordur, Iceland
Tomorrow we're back in the busy city of Reykjavik. See you then!