Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Welcome to the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago in northern Norway above the Arctic Circle.

On our itinerary this port was listed as Lofoten Islands (Gravdal). The Lofoten Islands part was right but the Gravdal part wasn't. Today was a tender port, with the tenders dropping us off between the two villages of Leknes and Gravdal. There was a shuttle for $19.95 you could take to get to Leknes. But not Gravdal. 

Gravdal Norway
Leknes Norway

Thanks to the first organized tour I've taken so far I wound up visiting both from the inside of a bus. And Ballstad as well.

I only got off the bus once at the last stop but I was still able to snap plenty of photos. 

Dragestil church in Gravdal Norway
Dragestil church in Gravdal

All the road signs made me glad I wasn't doing the driving. I'd get lost for sure.

We saw lakes, beaches, and jagged mountains. 

mountains reflected in water in Lofoten Islands, NorwayHaukland Beach NorwayHaukland Beach Norway

Haukland Beach Norway
People swimming in the 47 degree water at Haukland Beach

We again saw hillsides in so many shades of green with yellow dandelions added in for some extra color.

field of dandelions in Lofoten Islands, Norway

Can you tell this is a school building?
bikes outside school in Lofoten Islands, Norway
We also visited the fishing village of Ballstad.
peaks reflected in water in Ballstad Norway
marina in Ballstad Norway
fisherman's cabins in Ballstad Norway
Fishermen's cabins along the water

While others hiked up for a better view of the area there I used the restroom at the grocery store. And took pictures of the signs, of course.
Norwegian handwashing sign
Learn to wash your hands in Norwegian
Another bathroom sign
Having used their free restrooms I felt obliged to make a small purchase. While I didn't buy fruits or vegetables I did admire the colorful produce case.
colorful fruits and vegetable case in Ballstad grocery store in Ballstad, Norway
It was a quick two hour bus trip around the area, just enough time for my first time in a crowded bus.
drying fish at cruise ship pier in Lofoten Islands, Norway
Ugly fish at the tender pier
Tomorrow we have a sea day and then on Thursday we'll be in Trondheim. See you there!