Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Before kiddo went off to college we spent the summer tent camping around the US trying to visit the last of the 50 states we had previously missed. Our rule was we could only count the state if we ate, slept, or went to the bathroom there. We got them all in (whew) and have applied the same rule when visiting provinces and countries. Being Nova Scotia is a new one for me and I’m still sick in isolation I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to count it today.

Did I eat there? I had lunch on my balcony with Halifax sort of in view. We docked up against a building but I could still see the city.

Did I sleep there? I bundled up with my sweatshirt and two deck blankets and napped on the balcony.

While the bathroom shouldn’t qualify as it happened inside (thank goodness, right?), I had something else count. My friends Vickie and Bernie live here. If you don't know them, they’re avid cruisers and blogged about it for years at vickieandbernietravel.blogspot.com. Vickie then went on to become a Destination Expert for Princess Cruises, sharing her knowledge with guests in places like South America, the Caribbean, and Canada and New England. Today Vickie and Bernie spent time with two of their other friends from this ship, and those good folks dropped off gifts from them. Now I can feel like I really did visit Nova Scotia. So kind of them to brighten my visit/non-visit day. Thanks you guys! 

Hmm...which one shall become Scooter's port-specific bling?
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Goodbye, Nova Scotia. Maybe next time I'll get to step foot ashore!

We have five straight sea days coming up as we make our way to Iceland. As I’m uncertain what our Internet situation will be between here and there, I might not see you until June 5 in Reykjavik. 

Stay safe and healthy wherever you are. You know I'll be working on it.

Apologies for any errors in spelling or grammar...mind is still muddy.
Time zone changes so far: 4 at the moment but we have several coming up in the next few days.