Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hello from a very rainy Copenhagen!

view of Copenhagen, Denmark from a cruise ship balcony
Boy, it rained today.
The Weather Channel’s radar pretty much told the story of the day 
How hard and long did it rain? Enough to make the Lido deck pretty much unusable…
Island Princess Lido deck after rain
Hard and long enough that the reflection in the standing water on Deck 15 some six hours later looked like a lake in Norway…
flooded outdoor deck on Island Princess
Hard enough to remove the polish from my balcony tables….
Hard and long enough to still leave puddles in my lounger hours after the rain stopped.
With the weather as it was I opted to stay onboard. Until I saw a little bit of blue sky.
Since I didn’t get any Denmark bling for Scooter when we were in Bornholm (I won’t forget that difficult day!) I briefly left the ship for a few minutes to buy a sticker. I found there was a little souvenir stand just across the way.
Souvenir stand in Copenhagen, Denmark
Yeah, not too exciting of a day. I did have a little dinner at Sabatini’s with the garlic bread, lasagna, and Ferrero Rocher dessert making the perfect texture combination for when you can’t taste things.

So where are we heading this trip? With Liverpool being removed we’ll be seeing Denmark and Norway and Iceland and Scotland. Some new ports and finally a few repeats for me.
Tomorrow we’ll be in Skagen, Denmark. Here’s hoping the weather clears. 

See you then.