Monday, June 26, 2023

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hello from Edinburgh! 

Can't see much from the picture, can you?
It's because we're anchored offshore.
Today the ship's tenders took us to Newhaven Harbour. There is plenty to see in the area, but I had to go all the way into downtown Edinburgh for my task of the day.
tender port launch New Haven Harbour Edinburgh, Scotland
Remember the other day I planned on buying a new iPhone charger cable onboard to replace the one that broke? Well, the ship doesn't carry any such thing. Thankfully a person working at guest services took pity on a panicked guest (me) and let me borrow her extra cable for a couple days until I could get my own. 

Thanks to the charger situation the calm, quiet, and stillness I was working on was replaced with anxiety. I got through it - and today - by reminding myself of something I read years ago on a friend's blog:
"If I won't remember it in 10 years, or if it will make a good story, then don't waste time stressing over it today."
~Yellow Fish Cruises
(Now go read her blog at Everything I learned about extended travel came from her.)

I survived my day. I got my charger cable.
Onshore. (After a bumpy tender ride.) 
At the Apple Store. (I've never been in an Apple Store before. They were so nice!)
In Downtown Edinburgh, Scotland. (It's summer and the streets were packed.) 
Not by taxi. (Wasn't sure they would wait.)
Not by public transportation. (Scooters aren't allowed on their busses. No ADA here.)

Hop on, Hop off to the rescue. Blue bus to the transfer station at Waterloo Place. Wheel two blocks away to find the Apple Store. With the purchase secure in my jacket pocket I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

Wheel back to the transfer station and take the Green bus for a tour of the city. The Green bus had live commentary instead of the recording. Cool, right? Well...I've never been to Scotland before. I don't know anyone from Scotland. And I have no experience in listening to a Scottish accent. Add in him talking as fast as he did, I barely could figure out what he was saying. I got some words - castle, Harry Potter, church. So I did what I do best, I took pictures of things I found interesting whether they were important or not.

I started with businesses. 
Beautiful building for a mattress store
flowers in back of vehicle in Edinburgh, Scotland
Florist prepping deliveries
pink flowers on building in Edinburgh, Scotland
Must be too early in the day for outdoor seating
colorful storefronts in Edinburgh, Scotland
Colorful storefronts
line at cat cafe in Edinburgh, Scotland
You can have tea, coffee, and cake with the kitties!
Then it was old buildings. 
I also got into colorful doors.
I took way too many pictures today. And to think, I probably wouldn't have gone into the city if it wasn't for the dang anxiety-provoking no-charger situation!
There's a park in the city, too
crowds at Edinburgh capitol
So. Many. People.
We have a sea day tomorrow and we'll wind up back in Southampton on Wednesday for turnaround day. See you then!