Thursday, June 22, 2023

Trondheim, Norway

Welcome to Trondheim!

Trondheim, Norway

When I woke up this morning it was raining and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get out and about. But soon a little spot of blue sky appeared. And then another. And then those blue little pieces of sky grew. Rain wouldn't be an excuse! 

No HOHO here, either

Getting to the city requires crossing train tracks by way of a steep overhead walkway. I heard people at breakfast discussing it, and just listening to the stress it was causing them was making me stressed about it.

Trondheim, Norway
See the incline between the buildings?

It took some very strong self-talk to decide to pull Scooter up and over the thing. Thankfully it never came to that because at the bottom of the steep walkway was a teeny tiny sign.

Elevator/life sign at cruise port in Trondheim, Norway
Heis = Elevator
Hidden all the way inside the very back corner of the building on the left (where I added the pink mark) is the elevator. I had to ask someone for help because I couldn't find it on my own.
location of elevator at cruise port in Trondheim, Norway
Once at the top, just a little roll (or walk) will get you to another elevator to take you back down. This one was much easier to find because it sticks up above the walkway. If you don't use the elevator the only way to get down this side of the walkway is by using stairs. Lots and lots of stairs.
Stay left even though it looks like
you're walking into a construction zone
Once down at street level is where the fun began. While I had a map in my pocket I again didn't use it. Following the crowds, I quickly crossed my first bridge.
waterways in Trondheim, Norway
I continued up the street until I saw colorful decorations on what looked to be a pedestrian area on the right. 
Trondheim, Norway colorful decorations
I took the right and continued until I came to colorful umbrellas.
Trondheim, Norway umbrellas
All kinds of shops and a few restaurants lined the area. On a whim I decided to take a left when the overhead colors ended. It was a couple blocks later (maybe even a few?) when I ran into Trondheim Square and the statue of the Viking King Olav Tryggvason, the founder of Trondheim.
iking King Olav Tryggvason, the founder of Trondheim in Trondheim Square.
I continued past the square and stumbled upon the Nidaros Cathedral. It's the world's northernmost medieval cathedral. Work started on it all the way back in 1070.
Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway
I decided to roll around the right side of it and found it just as beautiful there.
Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway
After sitting and admiring it for a bit I headed back out the front and took a right. Thanks to the recent rains Scooter and I ran into some trouble.
Icky, mucky mud.
Covered with muck we made our way to the Old Town Bridge.
Old Town Bridge, Trondheim, Norway
I saw the colorful buildings along the water Trondheim is so famous for.
Trondheim, Norway waterways
I headed to another bridge by the Radisson hotel and took more photos of the buildings. 
Trondheim, Norway waterways
I don't know how I did it, but I somehow found my way back to the square. It was fascinating watching and listening to everything going on. I soaked it all in - the languages being spoken, the styles of dress, and the different activities of both tourists and locals.
Trondheim Square in Trondheim, Norway
Here are a few other things I ran across today...
I may not have followed the sign but I still took a picture of it.
Ouchie on the bum
Both Scooter and I are going to need
an alignment after riding on this all summer
decorative manhole cover in Trondheim, Norway
Just one of many decorative manhole covers
Trolls, trolls, trolls
The F word is alive and well here.
Sculpture not far from the ship. If you look closely you can
see a reflection of the ship in the center mirrored panel.

Just me and my scooter exploring a city on our own was better than any preplanned tour I could have taken.

Tomorrow we are in Ã…ndalsnes. See you then.