Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Not Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Hello from not Seydisfjordur, Iceland. 

entrance to Seydisfjordur fjord Iceland
Near the entrance to the fjord
We've had pretty rough seas these last few days and I'm sure more than a few passengers onboard (and some crew who were seasick) would have loved to be able to step foot on solid ground today. As I was hanging in bed this morning looking out at land I thought we might make it. As I saw mountain after mountain I soon realized I was starting to see the mountains repeat themselves.
It didn't take me long to realize we were going in circles and the marinetraffic.com tracking proved it.
Thanks to the strong winds outside and inside the fjord our port day became a sea day. I think we all would have been fine just circling all day instead of heading away from land and encountering rough seas all over again.
rough seas in Iceland
All day long
The waves even tore my bathroom door off its whatchamacallit. 
Since I was in Seydisfjordur last month and did everything I could think of doing I didn't cry over spilt milk or missed ports and took today to give myself a birthday present. Basic manicure and pedicure (no polish, please), men's style haircut (love my spiky hair), and a quick massage. 

And that pretty much was the day. So surprise, no other stories to tell! 

Just kidding.

Let's go back to yesterday...
I made sure to get myself a special breakfast combo. 
Notice how I was still able to keep the glasses even?
First time I've had pancakes in years. Oh. My. Goodness.
I saved this for my dinner dessert
Lunch was the Most Traveled Guest Luncheon. The cutoff was a little lower this cruise with 400 and some days required to make the lunch. The menu was a nice one as usual.
Island Princess most travel guest luncheon menu
smoked salmon stuffed with herb cream
I tried hard to get something to eat with some kind of flavor, but nope
Barramundi crusted shrimp with market vegetables
Crunchy shrimp and tender fish were the perfect texture combination
bittersweet chocolate mousse with salted caramel
Desserts are always so pretty

Unfortunately for me, the gal who would rather fly under the radar, the entire room sang Happy Birthday to me. I think my face turned as red as the raspberry in the dessert. I was presented with the typical Princess birthday/anniversary/retirement chocolate cake and thankfully they divided it up for the table to share.

Okay, now I have no stories left to tell!

Tomorrow we're in Akureyi, Iceland where I have no plans but better figure something out soon.