Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Last Glitch

On the first day of my Super Sensational Solo Summer Adventure I ran into a glitch, thanks to the airlines.

On the last day of my Super Sensational Solo Summer Adventure I ran into a glitch, thanks to the airlines.

After seeing my last sunset at sea
Alaskan sunset at sea
and seeing my last cruise port arrival
Vancouver Canada Place cruise terminal and city skyline at sunrise
Hello, Vancouver!
I was ready to head home. Off the ship with the first independent travelers with checked luggage, I tipped a porter $5 to take my lone suitcase, zip me through immigration and customs, and get me to the accessible taxis in a speedy fashion. A quick Saturday ride through the streets of Vancouver to the airport had me through check in (always a hassle because of the scooter) and security (also a hassle because of the scooter) and relaxing in the Maple Leaf Lounge by 9:55 AM. Not a care in the world, as it should be on the last day of my four month journey. 
AirCanada Maple Leaf Lounge Transborder Terminal Vancouver

Until my flight to San Francisco was delayed to the point where it was guaranteed I wouldn’t make my connection to Boise. After almost two hours of standing in line (well, for me sitting on the scooter) and the agent trying to work miracles for dozens and dozens of passengers trying to get to places like Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, and even London, I got myself a new connection from San Francisco to Boise. 

For the next day.

I made it to San Francisco on my original flight long after my Boise flight took off. 
Northern California wildfires from the air
Wildfires in Northern California
Looking for the positive in the situation, I figured if a four month Super Sensational Solo Summer Adventure was great, why wouldn’t a four month and one day adventure be even better? Although the two vodka and cranberry beverages I had on the plane probably helped me come to the conclusion…
United Airlines First Class vodka and cranberry
After waiting in a long line at United’s customer service desk in San Francisco I was texted a voucher for a night at a nearby hotel (I think I had three or four choices) and two $20 food vouchers. It’s all electronic these days. Who knew?!

I had a quick light dinner at the hotel and was asleep in my hotel by 8:30 PM. My next day flight was uneventful and the plane even made it to Boise early. 
Boise Idaho from airplane window
Hello, Boise!
Kiddo and her hubby picked me up at the airport (yay!), took me out to lunch (yay!), and helped me get situated at home (yay!). Guess I didn’t squeeze too much adventure out of the extra day but it seemed like a great day anyway. 

So…what’s next for me? We have a couple busy months of doctor appointments, service appointments, and winter preparation. Then there’s preparation for our next trip. It’s another several months long one, and this one will have hubby in tow. See you on Thanksgiving Day for my next adventure!