Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden - Day 2

Hello from a second day in Stockholm, Sweden! 

All aboard was at 1:30 PM so to make the most of the day it was going to need to start early. For me it began at about 6:30 AM on the balcony. The Viking ferry had just arrived full of passengers and their cars, and truck drivers and their trucks. Vehicles were going here, there, and everywhere, both leaving the ferry and lining up to join the ferry. 

The wind was cool and brisk but you can tell by the blue skies it might be a good day to do one more trip around on the HOHO bus. 

Viking ferry traffic in Stockholm, Sweden
Such an organized process
By the time I got back from breakfast the clouds had started moving in. And the Hop On, Hop Off line was getting long.
hop on hop off buses in Stockholm, Sweden
It still wouldn't have kept me from another ride around the city, but Scooter did. He was having a bit of trouble yesterday trying to go up the ramp when we came back on the ship. Then this morning he wouldn't turn left. 
I'm sure it was a combination of things: 
*The gravel issue we encountered in Seydisfjordur, Iceland
*The buckled and uneven pavers we drove over in Honningsvag, Norway
*The muddy muck we ran into in Trondheim, Norway

Geez, the guy has been through a lot! Since left turns are kind of an important thing I decided to stay on the ship and do some scooter maintenance. I covered the table with a pool towel and put him on top and took things apart and cleaned things up. Although I replaced the drive belt right before this trip - and it still looks good now - I took a chance and tightened the tension. I did some donuts in the cabin and I am optimistic we're all set. Fingers crossed.

That left me the rest of the morning and early afternoon for sitting in the sun and watching the happenings on the dock. Did you know there are trucks that move trailers around and then the driver turns his seat around and drives the other way to pick up the next load?
He's sitting in the cab facing (and driving) in the direction of the arrow. Wow.

My in-the-sun time on the balcony continued as we sailed away. To sail out of Stockholm the ship has to navigate hours worth of waterways. Such a pretty way to get in and out of a city. Here are just a few of the photos I took along the way.
Stockholm, Sweden wateraways
Statues along waterway in Stockholm, Sweden
Someone is eating on their balcony and its not me. 
Dang seagulls.

Tomorrow we'll be in Tallin, Estonia. It's another port where I had a no-you-can't-go accessible tour scheduled so I'll be coming up with something else to do. See you then!