Saturday, September 2, 2023

Whittier, Alaska

Hello from Whittier, Alaska!

Town of Whittier Alaska from cruise ship deck
What a beautiful day. Since it's usually rainy when we're here I decided to spend my day exploring. And exploring I did! When I messaged my husband to tell him I had a great and interesting day he wanted to know why. So I wrapped it all up in one text.
He can see the pictures on his iPad and now you can see the pictures, too.
The Inn at Whittier Alaska
Our hotel is closed for the season
Avis car rental ramp at Whittier Alaska
New ramp at the car rental/harbor store/liquor store
Walkers outside Harbor store at Whittier Alaska
With walkers for those who need them
Begich Towers in Whittier Alaska
Orange and white building where everyone lives
View towards cruise port in Whittier Alaska
View from the school's playground
Log Cabin Gift Shop in Whittier Alaska
Little shops and cafes at the end of the marina
View from water's edge in Whittier Alaska
Sat at a picnic table at the edge of the water at the end of the marina
Saw otters going into the fish cleaning stations and digging out the scraps. Then they played follow the leader afterwards. This one's a video!
Alaskan Railroad arriving in Whittier Alaska
Saw the train come in
Should I go on? I have to because I forgot to tell him a couple things. I scootered my way towards the tunnel...
Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel in Whittier Alaska
and saw there is a new pier being built. It's a joint venture between Norwegian Cruise Line, Huna Totem Development Corporation (I think they are the ones who built Icy Strait Point which is nothing but a tourist trap made just for cruise ships), and the City of Whittier. This new pier is only phase one and is located at the end of the bay so I suspect the area around it will become another man-made fake cruise port.
Building a Norwegian cruise ship terminal in Whittier Alaska
I used up both batteries today (on mostly paved roads, even) so I know my adventure was a long one.
Grand Princess cruise ship docked in Whittier Alaska
Almost home
Tomorrow we're in Yakutat Bay and will see Hubbard Glacier. Update:We have passengers traveling by train to the ship who have been very delayed because of a mudslide. They won’t be arriving to the ship until almost midnight (poor folks!) so we will be skipping Hubbard Glacier and Yakutat Bay tomorrow. You can read and see photos of some of my previous visits to Hubbard Glacier and Yakutat Bay here and here

Tomorrow I have some simply amazing photos I took last night that deserve their very own blog post. I have another chance to take more of these special photos again tonight so come back tomorrow for what is the icing on the cake when taking a trip up north. See you then!