Friday, July 28, 2023

Haugesund, Norway

Hello from Haugesund, Norway for my third and final visit of the summer!

Not knowing what my plan was going to be today I snapped a couple photos as we were sailing in, just in case I had nothing else to show for the day.

Haugesund, Norway ferry
We're sailing in while the ferry is sailing out
I knew I didn't want to do the Hop On Hop Off Bus again like I did when I was here last month. Been there, done that and you can read about it here. I knew I didn't want to take the shuttle to town again like I did a couple weeks ago. Been there, done that and you can read about that adventure here. I also knew I didn't want to do anything requiring me to scooter up and over the steep Risøy bridge.
Risøy bridge at Haugesund, Norway
So what was left? Since we're docked on an island - and my ship is the Island Princess - I decided to spend the morning riding my Royal Carriage scooter around the island.
I wandered here and there, trying to sneak a peek at the water as much as possible.
Even though the bulk of the area is residential I was able to find some spots where I could see across the water to the places I covered last cruise.
Var Frelsers Church in Haugesund, Norway
Haugesund shopping mall and waterfront  in Haugesund, Norway
I even found the mall across the water
It did get a little tricky trying to avoid hills so sometimes I had to get off and pull Scooter alongside me.
The pavement was mostly smooth so it wasn't as much of a workout as when I'm dragging him over cobblestones. Although, there were places where the pavement was just...gone.
I saw all kinds of interesting sights and a variety of colors.
Risoy, Island homes
A sea of white. Almost.
Combining the yellow paint in the first picture and the orange roof in the second almost reminded me of the Skagen houses from earlier this month in Denmark
Risoy, Island homesRisoy, Island homes
I found the bluest of skies made for a nice background.
Risoy, Island homes
Risøy Aktivitetshus Cafe in Haugesund, Norway
I also had to get the obligatory street sign and statue pictures, of course.
Olaf Lytt statue in Haugesund, Norway
Painted on the pavement near the port
I wasn't gone all that long and didn't cover miles and miles of ground but it was just enough to make me feel like a local, especially when the number of people walking their dogs way outnumbered the cruise ship passengers.

I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the balcony in the sun watching boat traffic.
And since it's my wedding anniversary (39 years) I broke my no carb/no cheese streak and ordered a vegetarian pizza for lunch. With the time difference back home, my husband is still sleeping so he won't be none the wiser!
5:36 AM in Boise, but not here
Tomorrow we're back in Åndalsnes, Norway for our second visit of the summer. See you then!