Thursday, August 3, 2023

Honningsvag, Norway

Hello from Honningsvag!

ferry in Honningsvag, Norway

Today the only exciting things of my day happened before 8:00 AM. The first one occurred at about 4:30 this morning when I opened my eyes and saw this out my balcony door. This big cliff is Nordkapp, the North Cape. It's the northernmost part of Europe (that you can reach by car) and the farthest north we'll be traveling.

Nordkapp, North Cape, Norway as seen from cruise ship

It's a popular tourist destination with the ship charging almost $200 for the opportunity to ride a bus to get to it from Honningsvag. Or, you can do like I did and save my money and take pictures from the sea. It's not always sunny at the North Cape and all I have is an iPhone but...

I'll take Blurry Monuments for $200, Alex. 
Nordkapp, North Cape, Norway as seen from cruise ship
Zoom in and you might be able to see the monument on the right side
My second most exciting thing of the day happened at breakfast. I've been experimenting with all kinds of foods in order to find something with flavor. Today's experiment was a side by side taste test of an English Muffin with orange marmalade versus one with strawberry jam. While I couldn't taste the bread, the butter, or the fruits the jams were made from, I was able to determine one difference between the two. Sweet and sour have arrived! Well, at least for today.
Marmalade = sour
Strawberry jam = sweet
The remainder of my day didn't involve doing much but staying put, sometimes on the balcony and sometimes on the bed.
Almost reminded me of Kauai
Rain moved in and out today
Yesterday's adventurous adventure in Tromso took all my energy and added a whole bunch of joint pain. Getting dressed, climbing on and off the scooter, and even trips to the bathroom are difficult right now so I knew it was best not to push it but give my body a rest. Anyway, I took plenty of pictures when I was here back in June so I don't feel too guilty about skipping out on today. You can read the blog post about my June visit here.

Lucky for me we have three straight sea days coming up. This bod is more than happy to use all three to work on recovering in order to be ready for Newcastle, England on Monday. See you then!

Post-Covid tastes and smells: 
Tastes - sweet and sour, occasionally garlic
Smells - Rosemary, lavender, sunscreen, fresh varnish, strawberry body spray, pine body spray, lemon hand sanitizer