Friday, June 2, 2023

Isolation No More

After six days in isolation I've received a golden ticket. A self-test with a negative result, followed by a test done by the medical center to confirm the result.

Now I'm a one stripe zebra instead of two!
So now what? I can go out and about wherever I'd like. I'll need to wear a mask for a while not because I'm contagious, but because my immune system is depleted and they don't want me catching the flu. I guess while I've been isolated the flu has popped up on the ship? In June? Since I'm still feeling not so great I'm planning on just staying put here in the cabin. Iceland is coming up in a few days with Norway following quickly behind so I (along with my medical team) think it best I keep laying low for a while and rest up.

I'll need to be full strength to tackle June
Since I'm now in self isolation instead of mandatory isolation, I'll lose my daily calls from the medical center and the calls from dining to place my meal orders. It was nice having those calls when I was at my sickest, but I can take care of my own room service needs now. Something I did wish I had from day one is the letter I received the day before I was released. I had bugged guest services every single day for this information sheet and was told every single day it was on its way. Sure would have been nice to know some of these things during isolation. Someone or a whole bunch of someones messed up in providing the communication in a timely manner. Anyway, you can’t always believe what you read because some of the information wound up not being accurate.
Being I'm still staying away from people and spending my days resting in the cabin and getting my fresh air from the balcony, I missed the Most Traveled Guest Luncheon today. It's hard to make the cut on these transatlantic sailings because there are so many Elites onboard, so being invited to this week's but not being able to go was a big disappointment. But sweet Patrizia, the Loyalty and Events Manager (formally the Captain's Circle Host and soon to be another title, I believe) gave me a call and offered to send the meal up to the cabin. Don't have to ask me twice. Without the menu - and still with no taste and smell - I'm not sure exactly what I was eating. But I ate it anyway!
Salmon appetizer

Even more tender than last week's beef

I almost tasted a hint of lemon?

The foghorn has been getting its workout these last couple sea days. Guess it's one way to mask my hacking cough on the balcony. 

Internet is becoming a little more unstable so I'll sign off for now. See you in Reykjavik.

Time zone changes so far: 5. We also have another coming tonight and another one the next night.