Monday, August 14, 2023

Akureyri, Iceland

 Hello from Akureyri, Iceland! What a beautiful day.

view of Akureyri, Iceland from cruise ship

It started last night when I woke up to go to the bathroom and thought I was getting a sunset picture. (I somehow missed that sunset occurred earlier at 9:45 PM. Oops.) Thank goodness we're so close to the Arctic Circle that the times don't really matter because it's still not getting very dark. 

11 pm sunset in Iceland
11:04 PM
It was windy and so very cold but I bundled up on the balcony to search for the Northern Lights. Nope, even more than an hour and a half later it was still too light.
sunset at 1am in Iceland
12:42 AM
My middle of the night adventure didn't stop me from being back out there just after 6:00 AM to watch us navigate the fjord as we headed to Akureyri.
Since today was my third and last visit of the summer I had to make the most of the day and squeeze in everything I could. My first plan was to go to the botanical garden but with the city bus A1 route only running once an hour it was going to take up too much of my day.

So for most of the morning I warmed my chilled bones by sitting in the sun on the balcony. With splendid views, of course.
I watched planes take off and land over the top of both my ship and the NCL ship.
plane landing over cruise ship in Akureyri, Iceland
Norwegian Prima docked in Akureyri, Iceland
What a beautiful ship
Remember, the airstrip goes right up against the water's edge - and right towards the cruise ships.
airstrip along water in Akureyri, Iceland
Photo taken on my June 7 visit
When I finally warmed up I headed back to the grocery store and replenished my stash of my favorite Icelandic snacks. 
These will be going home with me
Then I wandered the town taking tourist photos I missed on the first two visits. I started with the harbor area....
statue in Akureyri, Iceland
With three pictures of the NCL ship you'd think I had ship envy
and then went onto the Hof Cultural Center.
Hof Cultural Center in Akureyri, Iceland

I rolled a little ways along the waterfront and headed up the hill to the Church of Akureyri, Akureyrarkirkja. They're redoing the steps so no one was climbing up there today.
Church of Akureyri, Akureyrarkirkja in Akureyri, Iceland
I looked right and found the Akureyri heart.
#loveakureyriheart Statue in Iceland
I followed the pedestrian area near the heart and found all kinds of shops and restaurants and cafes. The color combinations were, well, colorful.
colorful shopping area in Akureyri, Icelandcolorful shopping area in Akureyri, Iceland
I was able to people watch and window shop before heading back to the ship. Taking photos of the heart shaped stoplights along the way, of course.
heart shaped traffic lights in Akureyri, Icelandheart shaped traffic lights in Akureyri, Icelandheart shaped traffic light in Akureyri, Iceland
The blue sunny skies made for a spectacular last day here. Pure perfection.

Tomorrow we're off to Isafjordur, Iceland. See you then!