Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Isafjordur, Iceland

Hello from Isafjordur! 

Isafjordur, Iceland

Well, more like from hello from a ship with a view of the town of Isafjordur as I never made it ashore today. It wasn’t because of the tender situation, either. Waters appeared smooth which is always a plus.

Princess ship cruise ship water shuttle
It was because of this:
Bridge cam view most of the day
It’s not because I’m afraid of getting my hair wet, or fearful of braving such cold temperatures as these

Take note of the sunrise and sunset times.
It’s never dark in these lands!
But Scooter? That’s a different story. As I found out during our last cruise, wet surfaces and scooter tires are a bad combination. With only one of the three wheels with a drive belt on it, I have to be super careful when driving on slippery surfaces. Even a little baby turn or a tiny little bump can cause me to lose traction and make the scooter go catawampus. 

I really wanted to go ashore, so first I went on two different outdoor decks and onto multiple surfaces to try out some white-knuckle icy-road no-four-wheel drive maneuvering. Uh, no go. Making lemonade out of lemons (and unintentionally trying out two-handed, two-footed braking skills), I did snag some pictures.
Still some snow out there
These looked to be some type of fishing nets or pots
A closer look at them. Beautiful landscape, huh?
Movies Under the Stars had scenes of Glacier Bay showing.
Today is certainly colder than Alaska is right now.
Tomorrow we’re in yet another port in Iceland, Akureyri. Between here and there we’ll cross above, and then back below, the Arctic Circle. Way cool. Literally!