Friday, July 7, 2023

Not Visby, Sweden Again

Hello from not Visby, Sweden. Again.

I was up early watching our approach. The temperature felt warmer but the wind was just as strong as it was on Sunday when we didn't make it the first time

The bridge cam shows how close we were to getting in
The map shows how hard we tried
It was not to be. We should feel lucky we even got a second chance at the port. I can't remember ever missing a port and then in the same cruise going back and trying again. But this cruise itinerary was a bit different as we had extra sea days with nowhere to go. If I recall, at least one day was originally scheduled for St. Petersburg. We all know what happened there, so we wound up with extra time on our hands and only a couple hundred miles between our port stop in Estonia and tomorrow's in Latvia. So the second attempt at Visby was, well, attempted.

The final word came during breakfast and as soon as it was announced I knew how I was going to spend my day.
I sat on the balcony and dozed off in my chair right after breakfast. Ever fall asleep sitting up and your head jerks forward or jerks back? Yeah, that happened more than once. I wouldn't be surprised if I was snoring out there, too. Once I woke up from that little nap I changed into shorts and my swimsuit top and headed back out for the day. Lunch rolled around soon enough, and since the port day turned into a sea day the dining room was serving lunch. Not one to ever step foot in a cruise ship dining room anymore, I ordered in. Why do I skip the dining room? Check out the blog post from 2018 explaining it.
Princess Cruises Sabitini's lasagna
Lasagna with a view
Speaking of food, yesterday was the Most Traveled Guest Luncheon. I didn't pay close attention but the cutoff for an invite was 500+ days. We had the previous Captain Circle host Patrizia at our table but this was the last one she will be attending. The luncheon is now hosted by the future cruise consultant who is taking on loyalty duties, too. Thankfully the nice menu hasn't changed.
Island Princess Most Traveled Luncheon menu
black tiger prawns and papaya Salpicion
Crunchy coating on the prawns
Beef Chateaubiand
The rosemary wound up being important
Bittersweet chocolate mousse brule
As usual, desserts are beautiful
And as usual, I couldn't smell or taste a thing. Except...the rosemary sprigs. While it didn't taste like rosemary, I could tell there was some kind of flavor to it unlike every other thing I eat that still tastes like toilet water.

Tomorrow we'll be in Riga, Latvia. Like I said before, it's an amazing itinerary. See you then!

Keeping track of my progress on tastes and smells: 1. Maple fudge tasted sweet. 2. Rosemary tasted like something other than toilet water. 3. Lavender sachet smelled like lavender.