Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Southampton Turnaround and a New Cruise

Hello from Southampton! Here at 8 PM I just realized I didn't even take a picture of port today.

I DID take a photo of the White Cliffs of Dover last night. Thankfully the rain stopped just long enough for me to finally get a picture.

White Cliffs of Dover in England from cruise ship

I DID take a picture of the bunkering barge as it was getting ready to pull up alongside the ship this morning.

bunkering barge

I DID take a picture of the laundry room where I spent some time getting everything I owned washed.

laundromat on Island Princesstoken dispenser for laundry on Island Princess

I DID take a picture of the Internet cafe where I printed off some important papers.
Island Princess internet cafe
I DID take a picture from inside the glass elevator when the ship was empty.
I DID take a picture of a beverage I made (and consumed) while sitting on the sunny balcony.
I DID take a picture of the new Bayou Cafe menu. It's similar to Crown Grill but they're still calling it the Bayou Cafe.
Bayou Cafe Steakhouse menu on Island Princess
I did NOT take a picture of my dinner because it was a flop. My split and grilled with garlic lobster tail was not split - and not cooked. Like raw. Thank goodness for a tiny baked potato or I would have gone hungry. And thank goodness it was a complimentary dinner anyway because there is no way I would pay $39 for that. It was their first night with the new menu and I heard the cooks were struggling with it. Yep, I can confirm.

I DID take a picture of my view at dinner. 

So, where are we going this cruise? Greenland, I'm finally coming for you!

But first, tomorrow we're in Falmouth, England. See you then!