Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Southampton Turnaround and a New Cruise

Hello from Southampton! If it looks more like a Journey concert on the big screen by the pool on a windy and cloudy day you’d be right.

nation flags flying over under Movie Under the Stars Princess Cruises
Wonder what my 16 year old self listening to Journey in her bedroom
would think of where her almost 60 year old self is listening today?

Today most guests are disembarking and a whole new bunch will be joining us. Since I had to change cabins again (for the last time, yay) I was without a home for a few hours so I camped out by the pool for a chunk of the day. Bring on the fresh air! The sun popped out here and there, enough to give me a bit of sunburned face.

Cleaning my new cabin and setting things up took the rest of the afternoon. I disinfected handles and knobs and flat surfaces. Unpacked the suitcase and organized my drawers for the next two months. Worked up a sweat, even.

I cooled off just enough to change clothes and have a quick dinner in Sabatini’s. Food is all about texture for me these days so bread, lasagna, and their Rocher chocolate dessert checked off all the variety boxes. Creamy, chewy, crunchy, smooth, coarse, hot, and cold all in one small meal.

With a full belly I made my way onto the balcony to get more fresh air and watched boats dashing about. I had to look this one up - it’s a hovercraft ferry. Who knew?

Isle of Wight hovercraft
Isle of Wright hovercraft

So, where are we going on this cruise? It’s an amazing itinerary.

We have a couple of sea days ahead of us and then we’ll be in Bornholm, Denmark on July 1. By the looks of my calendar it’ll be a whirlwind of a month.

See you in Denmark in a few days!