Thursday, May 18, 2023

A Couple More Sea Days on the Island Princess

I think I'm finally getting into a sea day routine. 

  • Up at 6 AM to sit on the balcony in my nightgown and watch for dolphins. I've seen dolphins, a sea turtle, and lots of birds.
  • At breakfast by 7 AM
  • In the indoor pool by 8 AM. It’s the same pool I swam in on this ship during an Alaska cruise in 2014.
Lotus pool on Island Princess
  • Out of the indoor pool by 9:30 AM
  • In a lounger outside and ready for the 10 AM Movies Under the Stars. Today was Ocean’s 8.
  • Back in the room by noon to shower. And nap.
  • Back out to the balcony and watch for more dolphins. Yesterday I spotted a whole pod of them jumping and spinning and splashing.

  • Maybe a late lunch or early dinner before I go back out for the night time Movies Under the Stars.
Even though today is a sea day and I was in my groove with my own little schedule, I had to make a bit of an adjustment for the Most Traveled Passenger Luncheon. It's held for the top 40 individuals (or 20 couples) with the most number of days sailing on Princess Cruises. I made the cut this week and as usual the food was outstanding. I somehow got in over my head in the appetizer department but was trying to be a bit adventurous. (Yes, Ed - I ate lobster, a little octopus, and even a bit of the salad!) It was a nice table of passengers with all of us being "normal" and not the snooty passengers you sometimes get stuck with.
Most Traveled Luncheon on Island Princess
Octopus and Lobster Carpaccio on Princess Cruises
Octopus and Lobster Carpaccio. Umm…yuck
Pancetta Wrapped Tenderloin on Princess cruises
Pancetta Wrapped Tenderloin
One of the most tender pieces of beef I’ve eaten 
Limoncello creme mousse on Princess cruises

A most filling meal in the middle of the day. Now I think a nap is calling my name and dinner is not. Sunset is calling me, though!

Up tomorrow, Puntarenas, Costa Rica!