Monday, July 3, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden - Day 1

Hello from Stockholm, Sweden!

Stockholm, Sweden waterways

Port security maybe?

As I was researching an alternative to my no-you-can’t-go tour I found there was really only one option - my good ole standby, the Hop On, Hop Off bus.

hop on hop off bus at Stockholm cruise port
There they are!

The ship added it to their excursion list a couple days ago, but as before if you book through the ship you have to leave at the time they say. I wanted to go when I wanted to go so I did it independently.

The city of Stockholm is built on 14 islands. Who knew? While the HOHO bus didn’t get us to all of them it did give a nice overview of the city. Stockholm is a tall city with beautiful buildings so folks riding on the top level of the bus got a magnificent view. I stayed down below so my sights were limited. 

So many construction cranes

When I could, I focused on individual buildings.

Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden


ABBA museum Stockholm, Sweden
Large boots on a roof? It’s the ABBA museum!

I also focused on buildings along roadways, alleyways, and waterways.

old buildings in Stockholm, Sweden


Archways were interesting…

old buildings in Stockholm, Sweden

blue archway in Stockholm, Sweden 
as were signs.
Translation: “ Very limited access for bicycles at Slussen subway, Russian Guard, Another way”
was planning on doing the whole loop and then going back and getting off the second time around but heavy rain started and changed my plans. And ended my picture taking.
We’re here overnight and since my HOHO ticket is good for 24 hours I might be able to take my second swing through the city tomorrow morning. Only time will tell - but it’ll be the weather calling the shots. See you then!