Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Southampton Turnaround Day and a New Cruise

Hello again from Southampton! Unfortunately when you look out from the ship you see cars. Lots and lots of cars.

But zoom in enough and you can make out some buildings.

I did a little research on the dome building on the other side of the ship and found out it’s a waste incinerator plant. A very state of the art one in fact.

waste incinerator plant near Southampton cruise port terminal in England

Also out there today was a container ship being unloaded. If you haven’t ever sat and watched the process of loading or unloading you really should. It’s interesting the things you learn by being near cargo ports.

Before all those pictures were taken I was up at the crack of dawn to see another normal-ish sunrise time.

4:48 AM
I didn’t have any plans today but to hang out on an empty ship. Where last week we had 500+ in transit folks, this week we had a mere 40. That meant as soon as the other 2,000 passengers left those few of us remaining had an empty ship until the new 2,000 passengers boarded a little later. I was more than happy to have the family with the preteens who purposely locked each other out on the balcony and screamed at each other every day to be on their way. The parents were doing their own yelling as well so I was looking forward to a little more quiet at my end of the ship for this next cruise. Unfortunately they have been replaced by another family of screamers - and loud criers. Hopefully it was just the stress of a travel day causing the meltdown or I’ll be having to dig out my earplugs for my balcony time.

So where are we heading this cruise? We’ll be revisiting some of the most beautiful ports in Norway.
We have a sea day tomorrow and on Friday we’ll be back in Haugesund for our third and last visit of the summer. See you then!