Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Haugesund, Norway

Welcome to Haugesund, Norway!

Haugesund, Norway view from cruise ship

Norway is one of the countries I’ve been most excited about on this trip. It was even on my 50 things to do before turning 50 list that I never finished way back when. But I can check it off now.

I again took a Hop On Hop Off bus. Purchasing my ticket online about two minutes before I left the ship saved me 20% which wound up being around $8.50 in US dollars. Score! The pick up spot was super close to the terminal. Can you see the red bus sticking out on the left? I went straight there since I already had my ticket but then found out I still had to go to the kiosk to get it scanned. Those brownish/reddish little booths on the far right in the photo are where you have to first stop to purchase or scan online HOHO tickets. Unlike in other cities around the US and the world, here you can't buy them at the bus.
Haugesund, Norway cruise ship terminal
By the time I rolled back to the bus again it was getting filled up and ready to leave so I decided to wait for the next one. Since I was the first person on the bus and no one was even close to getting on for another 10 minutes or so I was able to take my time and not feel rushed. I left my scooter down below and slowly and gingerly walked my sorry old body up the stairs to the top level of the bus and sat in the front row. I am strong. I am brave. Or so I told myself during the climb.
Such a beautiful day for a fresh air bus ride
A few seats filled in behind me but it wasn't even close to a quarter full. With map in hand I snapped photos all along the way from the best seat in the house. 
Haugesund, Norway hop on hop off bus map
Looking at the photos afterwards I saw the window glare caused some issues but I'm okay with how everything turned out. Can’t have it all.
bridge to get to Haugesund, Norway
If you walked into town you would have to
cross the bridge. It was pretty steep.
bridge to Haugesund, Norway
Don't want to walk up and over the thing?
Take the shuttle.
View from the top of the bridge
Haugesund, Norway waterway
Lots of places to eat along the waterside
Haugesund, Norway pedestrian shopping area
Plenty of shopping opportunities
Houses were colorful, as were the rhododendrons. 
Haraldshaugen National Monument in Haugesund, Norway
Haraldshaugen National Monument
tourist train in Haugesund, Norway
You could also catch the tourist train near port
In NOK and liters.
Makes gas over $8 a gallon by my calculations

The little terminal building at the port had free detailed maps in multiple languages.
city map in different languages at Haugesund, Norway cruise ship terminal
There was a small gift shop in the building where I picked up some more bling for Scooter.
It also had a huge Adirondack chair for a photo opportunity.
huge Adirondack chair in Haugesund, Norway
No way I'd be able to get in and out of the thing
but I'm enjoying life anyway!
And lucky me will be back two more times this summer. 

Tomorrow we're in Olden. See you then.