Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Tallin, Estonia

Hello from Tallin! 
Tallin, Estonia from cruise ship
Tallin, Estonia cruise ship pier
A windy walk down the pier
All week crew members have been talking about what a beautiful town Tallin was, yet I knew from my research it was going to be difficult for someone with mobility issues. So as soon as I climbed aboard the Hop On, Hop Off bus today I gave myself a little pep talk. Take it all in. Be okay with whatever happens. Appreciate the opportunity. Whatever you decide to do, it'll be enough. Those words would most definitely come in handy.

I first did the entire bus route while listening to the recorded narration. Estonia was not only under Nazi Germany control during World War II, but when Germany retreated Estonia fell under Soviet rule until 1991. The past history of Estonia certainly made the bus commentary different than most other tours I've taken. 

On the tour we drove on the outskirts of the old town, saw new and modern buildings in the newer part of town, and even drove through a forest.
Towers of flowers
old building in Tallin, Estonia
old building in Tallin, Estonia
Estonian Maritime Museum in Tallin, Estonia
Estonian Maritime Museum
Freedom Square in Tallin, Estonia
Freedom Square
reflection of a streetcar on a building window in Tallin, Estonia
I liked how the new mirrored building reflected the
older building across the street.
Maarjamae War Memorial in Tallin, Estonia
Maarjamae War Memorial honors the Soviets who helped
defend Estonians against Germany during World War II
Tallin TV tower in Tallin, Estonia
Tallin TV Tower was built to help provide communications
for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympic Games
Of course I had to get my signs, statues, and sculptures in the picture, too.
road signs in Tallin, Estonia
Look like extra large rolls of toilet paper, don't they?
sculpture in Tallin, Estoniasculpture in Tallin, Estonia
Now all of that was the easy part. The Tallin the crew members were raving about wasn't accessible by bus, but you could get dropped off at the bottom or the top. On a second loop around on the HOHO bus I chose to get off at the top of the old town.
Ooh, it's going to get pretty
But first, a rough sidewalk and a steep incline.
I managed the first hill by dragging Scooter up it and even made my way down a side road (with Scooter carrying me) to get a better view of the Toompea Castle.
Toompea Castle in Tallin, Estonia
Once there I had only two choices - gravel or stairs - so I had to turn around.
Toompea Castle in Tallin, Estonia
Hmm...which way do I go?
Up another incline - again dragging Scooter along beside me - I came upon a Russian Orthodox Church, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. (Check out how quickly the weather changed in the time it took me to drag Scooter from one side of the building to the other. Yeah, yeah, I'm super slow.)
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallin, EstoniaAlexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallin, Estonia
Across the street was the Parliament of Estonia.
Parliament of Estonia in Tallin, Estonia
Up the hill farther looked really interesting.
But when I looked at the sidewalk
and then the steepness of the incline...
cobblestone streets in old town in Tallin, Estonia
I decided not to try it. I looked all over for alternative routes to take but there wasn't anything I could manage on the scooter. Now what was I supposed to remember? Okay...
Take it all in. 
Be okay with whatever happens. 
Appreciate the opportunity. 
Whatever you decide to do, it'll be enough.

And it will have to be. 

I did stop by the terminal building on the way back to the ship to pick up some bling for the scooter and found some interesting bathrooms. I have absolutely no idea which one is which. Glad I didn't have to go!
bathrooms at cruise port terminal in Tallin, Estonia
Maybe the boy on the left and girl on the right?

We have a much needed sea day coming up tomorrow as well as the Most Traveled Luncheon. Then on Friday the ship will be making a run back over to Visby, Sweden in hopes the weather will let us make land, unlike our first try on Sunday. See you then!