Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Juneau, Alaska

Hello from Juneau!

Juneau Alaska from Franklin Dock
One day back in June when I was really sick with Covid on the Island Princess I broke down and cried. Today I was almost in tears as well. Over stupid stuff. Like I mentioned yesterday, this cruise has been stressful. It seems like everything that could go wrong for me has. I've had cabin steward issues, cabin maintenance issues, accessibility issues, passenger and crew issues, food issues, and lack of communication issues. I could go on and on about specifics (boy, it's a long list) but it felt like it all came to a head today with the testing of the emergency power system. 

Today I was going back to Juneau Drug to buy more of their warm popcorn. I learned last week I could taste the delicious buttery salt (yay!) and I wanted some for a movie day in the cabin. (Another yay.) I even skipped breakfast this morning so I could save the calories for the popcorn. As I was finishing getting on my cold weather garb for the day - short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, hooded sweatshirt, hooded waterproof windbreaker - an announcement was made that the ship would be testing the power system, not to use the elevators, and once it was finished another announcement would be made. I finished getting dressed and sat back down for the next announcement.

And I waited. And waited. And waited. At the hour and a half mark I called guest services and asked if the elevators were available yet and was told no. Was told to wait for the announcement. So I waited some more. And more. And more. At the three hour mark I called. Nope, not yet, and wait for the announcement. Now I'm pretty certain guest services was mistaken but I couldn't check myself. You know those dang cleaning carts in the hallways my scooter can't get past? With no cabin steward around anywhere? Uh, yeah. Then the rain started up and I just wanted to cry. With an early all aboard time my window of popcorn opportunity quickly closed. Everything I've had to deal with on this ship these last couple weeks has been so very frustrating, disappointing (and exhausting) and I wanted a movie day with popcorn to escape from it all, by golly! 
Douglas Island from cruise ship balcony
I was mad enough I was considering cancelling all our winter cruises. But The Universe had a different plan. At the exact moment I was stewing about everything and those cancelling thoughts were going through my mind our winter ship, Discovery Princess, sailed by. Really, what are the chances?
Discovery Princess cruise ship in Juneau Alaska
I even got a better look at one of the umpteen cabins we'll be switching between.
Discovery Princess cruise ship Sky Suite S309
While I'm still upset about not getting my popcorn (and a whole bunch of other things) I had to let it go, at least for today. So for the first time I ordered cheesy fries from the room service menu (dang, couldn't taste them) and had to call it good. Breakfast and lunch all in one.
Cheesy fries with bacon on Princess Cruises
Tomorrow we're in Ketchikan. To lessen any disappointment I've decided not to make any plans until the time comes. See you there!