Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Hello from Norway's Lofoten Islands!

Lofoten Islands, Norway
My balcony view all day long

Today marked my second and last visit to these Norwegian Islands. Like so many port days after breakfast I headed to Deck 15 to take photos of shore. Just like last time we anchored offshore between the two villages of Leknes and Gravdal, but a little closer to Gravdal today.

Graydal Norway at seen from cruise ship
Leknes Norway as seen from cruise ship
Viking cruise ship docked at Lofoten Islands, Norway
Viking ship docked in between the two

After taking my from-the-ship pictures I went back to the cabin and sat in the sun on the balcony as I mulled over what I wanted to do for the day. And like so many other days I fell asleep sitting upright in the chair. I guess these no-darkness nights where I leave the curtains open aren't the best for my sleeping habits, huh? By the time I woke up I realized what I really wanted to do. 

Absolutely nothing. 

When I was here in June I visited Leknes, Gravdal, the fishing village of Ballstad, got to see their popular Haukland Beach, and learned to wash my hands in Norweigian. You can read the blog post about the day here.  It was a just-right kind of day, full of beautiful scenery and plenty of photo opportunities. It was special enough that I'd like to keep the memories of it ingrained in my brain as what the Lofoten Islands are all about. I didn't want whatever today's tender ride and $9.95 bus ride to town may have brought to interfere with that June day. So I didn't. My vacation, my choice.

It was getting warm enough in the sun to change into my swimsuit (all my other warm weather clothes aren't back from the laundry yet, yikes) and I spent the entire day outside on the balcony. Ordered a vegetarian pizza from room service for a late lunch. (I gotta stop that!) Dinner will probably be a yogurt I picked up in Iceland. Yep, my vacation, my choice.

Tomorrow we're in Tromso, Norway where I tentatively have something potentially a little challenging in store. See you then!

But wait, a new post-Covid smell:
I go through a lot of hand sanitizer but the one this morning surprised me. It smelled like lemon! 
So for keeping track purposes we're at:
Smells - Rosemary, lavender, sunscreen when it's on my face, strawberry body spray, pine body spray, lemon hand sanitizer 
Tastes - The sweetness of maple in fudge (but not the chocolate), occasionally garlic