Thursday, July 13, 2023

Skagen, Denmark

Hello from Skagen! 

Skagen, Denmark
View from my balcony
land of the midnight sun in Skagen, Denmark
2:33 AM view from my balcony
I distinctly remembered three things from my pre-trip research on Skagen. 
1. It's pronounced Skay-en. 
2. It's the northernmost town in Denmark. 
3. Most buildings are painted yellow.

I was hoping to get to see all those yellows but my accessible tour was cancelled on this cruise, too. According to the ship only those completely confined to wheelchairs ever get the privilege of having accessible transportation. Well, &*#&%$ you Princess, I'll be Ms. Independent and do my own thing without your help. 

There was a shuttle being offered to the center of town for $5. When I showed up to get a ticket at the information center right next to the ship, the line was through the building, out the door, and down the stairs. 
Skagen, Denmark visitors center in cruise port
Taken after I got back. No line now.
As I'm not a fan of long lines especially when people are hovering over me as I sit quietly on my scooter, I decided to get to town on my own. (Good thing I didn't wait in line - I found out later their transportation wasn't accessible either.)

Thankfully the path to town was well marked. 
cruise port to city signage
Cruise City? Maybe something was lost in translation.
It wouldn't be an adventure if I didn't run into my nemesis, the cobblestones. Here in Skagen the pavement changed multiple times in just a few short feet. 
Skagen, Denmark cobblestones
Attentive driving required
And just when I thought I could get settled into something looking like a smooth ride I would find the pavers winding up uneven and bumpy. 
The ups and downs of any kind of bumpy pavement is a battery drainer
As I wandered around today I found lots of those Skagen yellows.
Skagen, Denmark houses
Skagen, Denmark businesses
Skagen, Denmark businesses
Skagen, Denmark businesses
Skagen Kirke in Skagen, Denmark
If they weren't painted yellow it pretty much meant they were made from brick instead.
brick businesses in Skagen, Denmark
businesses in Skagen, Denmark
What else did I discover? 

Shop and restaurant awnings make for great cover when the heavy rains begin...
"Probably" the best beer? At least they were honest
Right after the first rainstorm passed
A Roomba lawnmower?... 
I'm not sure it was mowing anything
A cool looking friend mannequin...
mannequin inside boat in Skagen, Denmark
A bofsandwich is sort of like a hamburger with gravy poured all over it...
A new bike for me...
Maybe not. Scooter might get jealous.
Colorful rhododendrons in bloom...
colorful boats in Skagen, Denmark
Colorful green gunk in the water not far from the pier...
I also found my translator app is sometimes of no use...
metal fish sculpture in Skagen, Denmark
Not a clue if those are letters or words at the top
Then there was this. A statue best encapsulating how Scooter and I feel about cobblestones. And hills, gravel, and rain. And mud. Definitely mud.
Gallerie Wolfsen statue
I looked at the map when I got back and tried to retrace my route. I'm disappointed I didn't get farther but once the first battery flashed yellow I decided it was time to switch to the backup and make my way to the ship. It was a fun day anyway.
Tomorrow we are in Haugesund, Norway. It was a month ago when I visited there for the first time but I'm planning on doing something different this time. It'll sure be nice to already have my bearings on the port area and on the city. See you then!