Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 821

Back on dry land = internet access = catching up on the blog.

Starting with Ketchikan.

Last year Pam from work and I met up here and toured the town when hubby was sick. This time hubby was good to go! Hubby and future son-in-law went on a crab boat tour and daughter and I went on a duck boat tour. Afterwards we all met up for a bit of shopping and a fish and chip lunch on the dock. Little Scooter was awesome! She loved being able to go anywhere she wanted - even the quilt store where she bought some fabric.

I thought the best pictures of the day were from when we arrived in Ketchikan. The fog hanging low made for a spectacular photo opportunity. We also found a bald eagle, a float plane taking off, and a picture of the clan house that Pam and I had visited (taken from the cruise ship instead of on land this time). But then when we left Ketchikan today and I captured pictures of all the boats in the foreground and houses in the background? Maybe even better.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 820

I've had no internet access and no cell service for the past few days so I'll have a lot of catching up to do. We have a brief view of a cell phone tower but the best I can do right now is more food pictures. This time at the Starfire restaurant in Skagway, Alaska.

Pad Thai, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and those delicious egg rolls we had here last year. And of course a quilt shop visit.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 819

Shrimp, mussels, and squid. Garlic and olive oil pasta in a red sauce with finely shredded Parmesan. Sea scallops topped with whipped potatoes. Princess Love Boat Dream dessert. Add in a beautiful day in Juneau, Alaska and all is good with the world.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 818

My Scooter has been having some fun. She's been zooming up and down the halls and making the rounds on deck.

Scooter's fear of heights (guess that was my fear of heights) that was conquered on the last cruise has still been conquered. I (we) can stand at the edge and look down into the water with no fear. Even though I can't swim anymore because of my lung thing, she still liked checking out the pools. Even though there is no wedding date set it didn't stop Scooter from checking out the ship's wedding chapel.

She even had a grand time getting up and down the steep skybridge to the night club. She may have wanted to try it out at night but I convinced her I would only attempt it during the day.

(Please excuse all the misplaced pictures and late - and possibly absent - postings. I'm using free wireless when I can and it is spotty. We are traveling only with an iPad and I'm having difficulty getting things to format properly or at all. If you don't hear from me for a day or so, don't worry. I'll get you up to date when I can!)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 817

Seattle was where we started on this adventure. We're headed back to Alaska. On a cruise ship.

With today being the first at sea day, we've been partaking in the fine dining. Between hubby, me, my daughter, and her boyfriend we've had lots of delicious items. We've been voting on who has the prettiest or most interesting food.

Here are some winners:
An appetizer of duck with blueberry sauce. A cold pina colada soup served in a glass. Mango cheesecake. A too big for me piece of prime rib.

But the most interesting and pretty was what daughter had for dessert tonight. See anything out of the ordinary here?

Yep, can't refer to her companion as boyfriend anymore. It's fiance now. When she discovered the shiny object on the dessert he dropped to one knee and proposed. And she said yes. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 816

Crazy, marrow-sucking lady here. (Help me out - I need a better slogan for what I'm trying to accomplish here than marrow-sucking!)

Sitting on a balcony, taking pictures. But from where?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 815

It started out as a way to get hubby back up on that horse that bucked him off (metaphorically speaking). Unfortunately, even after these past few weeks of physical therapy he still isn't strong enough to follow through on what he originally set out to do. But he's still calling it his Redemption Tour.

Then it became about our daughter who turns 25 in a little over a week from now. Big, grown birthday girl, another semester of college and another year of work (and another raise) under her belt.

Then her boyfriend asked us if he could marry her. Although there is no engagement yet, it became a family thing that included the boyfriend. Probably a last chance to do it all together before an engagement, a marriage, and a baby or two.

Then it became about me. A direct order from the doctor not to do it. But now that I have scooter and won't be hiking and walking like I did last time, he has okayed it. (I'd like to call it my suck-the-marrow-out-of-life-tour but that sounds gross.)

There is a reason I bought a scooter called Travelscoot. And that reason begins today. Stay tuned to see what all the fuss is about.

Before it starts, a picture of one of our miniature roses ready to bloom.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 814

I don't necessarily want to admit it, but this blog is important to me. It isn't so much the blog, but the comments people post. Every day I look forward to seeing if anyone responded to my picture or what I wrote. I'm not good about posting back, but rest assured I read every single one. That might be a sign of insecurity, looking for approval/validation from others. I tell myself it isn't important - what people think - but it is.

But the comments about my photos (particularly on the flower ones) have stirred something else in me. I've been thinking about all these pictures I take. Some aren't so great, but some are pretty darn good. So scrap the whole, It's Sew Idaho thing, at least temporarily. Time to focus on the photographs. (Not like I haven't already. 814 days in a row of pictures should count for something.) But I want it to count for something bigger. So for the second time in the history of this blog, I have a new camera.

Crazy, right? This new digital camera will allow me to use my lenses I purchased ages ago when I used a film camera. Better quality, sharper images. Can't wait to show you what I'm about to do with it.

You'll have to wait just a bit more. In the meantime, take a look at the upgrade. Looks like they're in a standoff.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 813

(I write this with my daughter's permission.)

I wasn't all that happy when I saw my daughter's college report card.

Intro to Sociology  D
Law of Arrest Search and Seizure D
Music Appreciation  F
Environmental Science  F

But that was five years ago.

Now that daughter, the one who decided to take a semester of classes this spring, has a transcript that isn't quite the same. Maturity, time, and the working world has changed our little girl into a mature woman. How do we know? Check out her grade report for this semester of college.

Same classes

Different outcome.

Way to go Miss 4.0 kiddo! We couldn't be any prouder!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 812

Ever heard of Basque nachos? Well, you have now. Instead of ground beef or chicken, we have chorizo on top. From Moxie Java (not Alejandra's).

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 811

Hello my good friend. I've sure missed you.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 810

Another poppy popped.

The outside.

The inside.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 809

I wonder how poppies got their names? I think it might be because the pods are closed one day and it seems like just the next day they've started to pop.

The plain red poppies are popping out. I went with two views of the same one. A regular view and a very close up view.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 808

What does Alejandra's call the meal that includes two tacos, two enchiladas, two chile rellenos, a tostada, a tamale, a zope, beans, and rice? They call it Happy Family.

I call it Too Much Food for Two People.
Can you believe all of it only cost $14.99?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 807

Recently I was thinking about stopping my blog at Day 1000. I was getting tired, I felt like my pictures were getting old, my writing getting stale, my life getting boring.

But then this lung thing happened. And then I realized how much of a gift this blog has been to me. Only by looking back on my last 800 days can I truly appreciate my life. While appreciating what I've done is great and all, I'm not done living. I want to live and I want it to be big.

I know sitting with my feet up might not seem like it would contribute to living big, but knowing they're up while I'm sitting through my infusion makes it so.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 806

As I sit here typing in my recliner with my feet up, a thought occurs to me. Is there anything cuter or more peaceful than a sleeping baby?

Yep. A sleeping cat that keeps changing positions every few minutes or so.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 805

It could be one of those how many _______ does it take to change a lightbulb? kind of jokes. But it's my life and it's not funny. But it was a hoop I had to jump through to get the insurance to pay for oxygen.

How many wires attached to Deb's head, all night long, does it take to determine her breathing patterns?
A lot.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 804

While my pictures are changing every day, there is one scene that reappears every single day. And not just once. Dozens of times.

Here's how it works...
I'm sitting somewhere - at my desk, my chair, or maybe my dining room table. Minding my business, doing my thing. At some point I need something from another room. Maybe a folder, a glass of water, maybe I need to go to the bathroom. I jump up, feeling great (still no pain), and head to where ever that other thing might be. Once I get to that other room is when it happens. The same conversation with myself. (FYI- the H-H-H in the conversation is me panting and gasping for air.)

Oh my H-H-H goodness H-H-H why H-H-H can't I H-H-H remember H-H-H to H-H-H move H-H-H slowly H-H-H?

Every single time.

The doctor told me to do everything very, very slowly. But geez whiz, I feel great and I want to move. So I keep forgetting. Again and again and again. Guess I'm going to have to take my time if I'm wanting to live deliberately to suck all the marrow out of life.

But I'll be letting someone else worry about the bulbs, strawberries, daisies, and peonies. Just today I sent out the all-call for folks from work to come and dig what they want out of my garden. I gotta keep a few of my peonies, but there are plenty to go around.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 803

I am so embarrassed about my rose garden. My untended, neglected, sorry-looking rose garden. The poor thing. The only time I stepped into the garden this year was to count rose bushes that needed to be dug up because of the too-cold winter temperatures.

Until today. I first took this picture. Embarrassing.

But thanks to my daughter and her boyfriend it looked like this by day's end. Not embarrassing.

The pile of rosebushes and weeds, stuffed in boxes and bags and trash cans. 16 rosebushes had to be dug out in all. Sad.

Then tonight, something sort of embarrassing. An award for me at the school board meeting. It's nice to hear nice things said about you. It was also nice to have hubby and daughter and her boyfriend along for the presentation. My boss took a picture and told me it could be the picture for the blog. Me, in a picture?

Nah, don't think so. But thanks to everyone I work with for making me feel so appreciated!