Monday, August 17, 2015

Closer to 50

Respond to every call that excites your spirit. ~rumi

I guess that's what I'm doing with this 50 by 50 list I've been working on. My 50th birthday has passed but my list of new experiences continues. In the past few months I have completed quite a bit:

Swim in the ocean
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
Fly in a helicopter
Travel to Iceland
Learn to snorkel
Go zip lining
Ride in an outrigger canoe
Overcome fear of lizards
See the Cabo Arch
Take a long distance train trip
Ride a mule
See the Hollywood sign
Ride a Ferris wheel
Ride in a zodiac raft
Have acupuncture
Ride a Hobie cat
See the Northern Lights
Lie on a hammock on a beach
See a ballet
Visit an orphanage 
Try stand up paddleboarding
Visit Mayan ruins
Foster kittens
Swim with dolphins
Swim with stingrays
Ride a bicycle
See a Shakespeare play
Hold an alligator
Ride in an airboat 
Learn to paint
Join the YMCA
Try Reiki
See a sunset over Greenland
Be able to cross my legs
Walk in the Muir Woods
Feed iguanas
Fly without a seatbelt extended
Go sailing
Walk on the Wall of Fame
Do a 5K

Today's picture is proof of the Y. Who is crazy enough to show up at 5 AM and spend the next two hours working out?  It may be crazy but it's worth it to walk out to a pretty sunrise.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Commitment to Self

Two days.

Two straight days of my self-imposed two hour long workout. But that was easy. It was the weekend and I could sleep in and take my time getting to the Y. 

The hard part starts tomorrow on the first day back to work. A full work day, an 80 mile round trip commute, and a two hour workout. I've got it planned out. 

A commitment to myself. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

1 + 1 = Nap

Long before the rheumatoid arthritis was diagnosed, long before the dozen or so screws were used to put my shoulders back together, long before my right lung became non-functioning, long before my two titanium knees were implanted, long before I became mobility-scooter bound, and long before I weighed 400 pounds, I used to belong to a health club.

I had a set after school routine. Drive the 20 miles to the gym. Bike for less than 15 minutes, treadmill for about 5 minutes, lift a few weights, and then get myself into the pool. It wasn't a very challenging workout but one just long enough to make me feel like I was trying to be healthy. In hindsight it probably was a big waste of gas and time, driving that far for so little. But at least it was something.

Fast forward to today.

I now live less than five miles from the YMCA. No longer 400 pounds, no longer mobility-scooter bound, no longer expecting to do a minimum amount of work at a gym, I made my way to my first session this morning. Knowing I haven't done much but ride my bike this summer I anticipated a bit of a rough start.

One hour on the treadmill and bike and one hour in the pool. Seemed like a great plan, a great way to get me to focus on me, to get a jumpstart on an exercise program. And it was a great plan. Up until the time I got home. That warm water pool I spent my time swimming laps in and doing exercises in and walking in turned out to be quite kind to my achy joints. I felt warm and comfortable and relaxed and...tired.

While one plus one usually equals two, in my case today it became one hour plus one hour equaled a good long nap.

And almost five miles on the bike. While I didn't push myself too hard on day one, it was a place to start. I think I'll stick with my plan.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Catching Up

You'd think I'd have a good excuse (or multiple excuses) as to why I haven't being keeping up on the blog. But I don't. Call it lazy, call it...well, just plain lazy. I've been keeping up on the pictures. Been taking one almost every day. Except the writing hasn't followed. It takes brain power to write and quite frankly my brain power has been lacking lately.

So here's the what's been going on the last few months scoop.

It has been a summer of mostly non-travel. Sticking around home. Building relationships with others. Buying a bike and riding it. Doing home improvement projects. Fostering baby kitties. Quilting quilts for kids' charities. Hanging out with hubby who is now on disability. Deciding to go back to work, even though I was pretty confident I would quit and never return. Joining the YMCA. Learning to paint. Gardening. Going to baseball games. Turning 50. Still working on my 50 by 50 list, those 50 new things I wanted to do before I turned 50.

And here's a slew of pictures I've been holding on to. Some have made it to Instagram and Twitter, a place of very few words.

Guess it's time for me to find my brain power and fire this thing up again.