Monday, June 12, 2023

Southampton, England and a New Cruise

Welcome to Southampton!

Strange building
Some haze in the air today
Docked smack dab in front of the Tesla building
Turnaround days when you don't have to go through immigration and don't have an excursion or need to run errands are some of my favorite days. I did have one thing to take care of, though. Muster drill. Passengers are required to watch the video and visit the muster station when they embark and then every 30 days afterwards. Even though I'm at the 30 day mark I never received a separate notice but went ahead and watched the video and visited the muster station anyway. Except the guy manning my muster station told me in transits didn't have to check in. I told him I knew that and I went into the every 30 day muster thing and he still told me I didn't need to. We went back and forth a few more times with me saying I needed to and he saying I didn't. I was about ready to tell him to just scan the damn Medallion anyway but realized I could do it without his permission. So I did. And he muttered an oh when it checked me off his list.

Once I got through that fiasco, I spent a bulk of my day watching all the activity happening on the docks. I always find it so interesting and enlightening. 
bunkering barge filling up cruise ship
Fill 'er up!
I watched this huge crane unload scoop after
scoop of something. A grain maybe?
Cans and cases of ???
New carpet for somewhere on the ship
Here comes the luggage
Unwrapping new rope for the docks
The weather is nice but we do have some smoke out there and it continued to thicken throughout the day. A benefit of losing my sense of smell and taste is I can't smell the smoke a bit. Although I guess my lungs probably know about it.

So where are we headed on this new cruise? North to Norway! Unfortunately, Longyearbyen was removed a few months back since they aren't accepting large ships. Tom Cruise wanted to use a helicopter for filming his newest Mission Impossible movie there and was turned down, too. If you are turning down Tom Cruise, you are serious about protecting your environment.
No Longyearbyen but have added Gravdal, Norway and Edinburgh, Scotland
Up first, a sea day. Then Haugesund on Wednesday. See you then!