Monday, August 28, 2023

Ketchikan, Alaska

Hello from Ketchikan, Alaska!

View of Ketchinkan Alaska from cruise ship Berth 4
View from my balcony
I was up early this morning but not by choice. With a 9+ hour time different between Alaska and the European countries where I spent my whole summer my body doesn't know if it's daytime, nighttime, or somewhere in between. But a benefit of waking at weird hours is I get to see things I probably would have slept through like the hint of sunrise at 4:59 AM.
Alaskan sunrise at sea
Good thing I was wide awake at that 4:59 AM because when I went onto the balcony to take the picture I had quite a scare as a bird flew off my footstool and onto the railing. I say flew but I really mean broken wing, flying sideways and falling (and repeat again and again), and then barely making it to the railing kind of flying. I left the poor fella alone and he stayed in that same spot until we arrived in port. I didn't see him leave but I'm guessing it was a free fall on the way down. TMI - I know he had been on the footstool for a long time because it's covered with a LOT of bird poo.
Pigeon on cruise ship balcony rail
Poor lonely guy
Ketchinkan Alaska Marina
Getting close to town!
Once 8 AM hit and the laundry room opened I washed some clothes.
Grand Princess cruise ship laundry room
No one there but me
With one token left over from the Island Princess I decided to dry them in the cabin instead of buying a second token for the dryer. Clothes are everywhere in here right now, balcony included. Anyway, I had plenty of time to hang them and dry them since I didn't have any big plans for Ketchikan. This is the 25th(!) time I've been here and have done all I care to do.

Totem Poles? Been to both Totem Bight Saxman Native Village.
Visit Creek Street? Yep. Totem Bight Park and Creek Street photos are here.
Salmon fishing? Yep. Salmon fishing photos can be found here.
See the salmon run? Yep. You can see the salmon run photos here.
Duck tour? Yep.
Take a photo of the rain gauge? Yep.
Take the Deadliest Catch tour? Yep.
Watch bald eagles at work and at rest? Yep.
Misty Fjords flight? That would be a hard no. After our passengers were killed on their excursion in 2019 I swore never to get on a float plane.
Lumberjack Show and sightseeing? Yep. You can see some of those photos here.
And even more views of the area can be found here.

So I did what I would do if Ed was here with me, go to the Arctic Bar and order a Long Island Iced Tea. 
Long Island iced tea from Arctic Bar in Ketchikan Alaska
Even though we were in Alaska for a month last summer, we haven't been back to the bar since Covid. So when I sat down and saw this sign I knew it was meant for me.
Cheeky sign at Arctic Bar at Ketchikan Alaska
The Arctic Bar is a unique place on the waterfront where about every third word from the staff's mouths begins with the letter F. Here's what I wrote about our visit to the Arctic Bar a few years ago. 

I was going to order from Burger Queen (need food to soak up the alcohol) but I forgot it was Monday and they're closed. That meant lady on a scooter who just consumed a strong alcoholic beverage would be driving her scooter back to the ship. Not one to be irresponsible, I stopped off at the store and bought a bag of cheese puffs (sounded like a good alcohol-soaker-upper) and sat on a bench in the sun and watched the going ons around the area. 

The Ruby Princess was in port with us and the Crab Boat tour was on its way back.
Ruby Princess and Bering Sea crab boat in Ketchikan Alaska
I saw my cabin.
Grand Princess D733 view from outside
Hey, that's mine
Spotted some bright flowers. Nasturtiums?
Orange Nasturtiums
And as the cheese puffs soaked up the alcohol I soaked up the rays. The weather was simply perfect. I then remembered about a popular donut place across the street so I wandered over there and found an animal cookie one. It was pretty dense, and doggone it, I couldn't taste it. For the record that makes three donuts for me this summer, three times more than I've consumed in the last three years.
Animal Cookie donut from JellyFish Donuts in Ketchikan Alaska
As you'd expect with a combination of Long Island Iced Tea, cheese puffs, and a part of a donut I had to take a little nap. I didn't sleep long because crew members from the Island were sending me videos of today's port for them, Holyhead, Wales. They were a bit bummed because it was a national holiday and everything was closed, but their short videos gave me the idea to do a quick one, too. Just a view from my balcony, but if you haven't been to Ketchikan it gives you an idea of what you might see when you visit.
I think when we're back here next week we dock somewhere different. If so, I'll give you a quick video overlook of that area.

Tomorrow we're in Juneau, Alaska. See you there!