Friday, June 16, 2023

June 16 Sea Day

A sea day above the Arctic Circle with decent Internet? On a Princess cruise ship? Yep!

Back when we were in Akureyri, Iceland I took a picture when I spied some workers installing these square panel things on poles up behind the Movies Under the Stars screen.

starlink internet equipment on Island Princess cruise ship

I knew what they were and knew the importance they were going to have for our Internet. Each day I ran a speed test, waiting for the key words to pop up. The day after we left Seydisfjordur they did. 

SpaceX Starlink went live June 9

I’ll skip sharing my opinion of the person who is making the money off all of this, but I was looking forward to seeing what kind of Internet stability we’d get. While not even close to being super fast, it has been a tremendous improvement from we’ve seen before. With the old system there is no way I’d be posting this blog - with pictures - this far north. 

Another big piece of news was announced today at the Most Traveled Guest luncheon. The Captain Circle host position is now officially gone on this ship. Going forward the Future Cruise Consultant will now be in charge of these types of events. Very stupid move.

Being today was a sea day, I didn’t have too much planned as I’m still trying to get my strength back. The past two full days out and about in port about did me in. 

Since finishing yesterday’s blog post I:

*sat on the balcony and fell asleep until the Captain made his evening announcement. 
*headed to grab a bite at the buffet for dinner.
*came back to the cabin and took a shower.
*went to bed and was sound asleep before 9 pm. Other than a brief nighttime coughing fit I didn’t wake up until the alarm went off this morning at 6:30. 
*went to Sabatini’s for breakfast at 7:30.
*came back to the cabin and took a nap until 11.
*changed clothes.
*went to the Most Traveled Guest luncheon where I sat listening to the table talk.
*came back to the cabin, changed into comfy clothes and put on my slippers, and fell right back asleep until early evening.
*ordered dinner.
*ate, showered, and was in my nightgown by 7:30.
*started on the blog.

I was even kind of hoping the Internet would be down today so I didn’t have to post to the blog. So just a quick few pictures of today’s luncheon and, you guessed it, I’m back to bed. 
Most Traveled Guest Luncheon Menu on Island Princess cruise ship
Today’s menu
poached seafood with pesto on Princess cruises
herb crusted filet of beef on Princess Cruises
white chocolate cheesecake on Princess Crusies

This is a very port intensive cruise and I guess my body knows best so no use fighting it. Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to share tomorrow from Tromso.