Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 201 of 365

You'd think after 200 days of trying to get myself back together I would have figured it out by now. I would have figured out how much I can push myself, when to take a break, when to try and do more and when to not.


I had four long, late, exhausting days at work last week. Saturday was spent out and about with hubby. Then came Sunday and I crashed.

Getting up in the morning was even more difficult than usual. My body moved much more slowly during the day. Everything hurt. My energy level had disappeared. I struggled with every task. Usually when I have a bad day, I tell myself things will be better after a good night's sleep.

Nope. It's Monday and I'm still not up to par. (Thank goodness I don't have to go into work today.)

I'm slow. I hurt. I'm still exhausted.

So I did something I usually never do during the day. I decided to sit down and watch TV on the big screen downstairs. Sitting in my recliner, relaxing, watching TV. And I was asleep in my chair by 11:30 (in the morning). But even that bit of a nap didn't resuscitate my energy level.

Some days I'm moving forward, some days I'm moving backwards. I'm mad that I wasn't able to pace myself this last week and wound up overdoing it and I'm sad that my body isn't what it used to be. But I know someday I will get this figured out.

Today, though, I'd just rather hang out with the kitty in the sun.