Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 199 of 365

I had a long, tiring week at work. Mentally draining. Exhausting, late nights, four days of work. Most nights after work schedule was dinner, a bit of TV in bed, then sleep.

But I need to stop watching TV shows like Storm Stories, Twist of Fate, and Full Force Nature on the Weather Channel. Events from those shows are now creeping into my dreams...

Last night I looked out the balcony and saw it had hailed/snowed and white was covering everything. I got dressed and grabbed my camera to snap a picture. By the time I got outside, the snow/hail had melted. But the waves were still washing up on the beach. There had been a lot of rain, so huge puddles sat in the sand. Puddles full of hundreds of ladybugs and centipedes. I got my camera out and tried to take pictures again, but the bugs got washed away by a wave. I then noticed several cars stuck in the beach among the dunes and started taking pictures. I walked up the hill to the car lot and found all the windshields busted out from hail. More pictures. I was on scene as the press arrived and the insurance company assessed the damage. I realized I had a report due and had to get back to work.

Balcony? Don't have one.
Hail/snow? Weather Channel show.
Taking lots of pictures? Always looking for that picture of the day.
Waves washing up on the beach and huge puddles? Weather Channel show.
Ladybugs and centipedes? No clue.
Cars stuck in the beach? Weather Channel show.
Windshields busted out on a car lot? Weather Channel show.
Press arrived? TV reporters at work this week regarding one of the schools.
Insurance company? A different issue at work regarding a gym roof.
A report due? Every week.

Now I better not dream about the picture I really did take today out on my walk. A picture of Lizard Butte - deemed such because of the similarity to a lizard basking in the sun.

Please, with the way I feel about lizards, no lizards tonight.