Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 72 of 365

I spent quite a bit of time outside today.

I still got my exercising done (26 for 26) , got some quilting work on the kids' quilts done, but with the weather heading towards 80 degrees today, I just couldn't resist.

Part of the reason I stayed outside more than usual was because of the issues with the blog. Not just my blog, but everyone who has their blog hosted by Google had service issues for the past couple days. We were able to look at our blogs but not able to post anything. So instead of getting all upset and ranting and raving like some folks were, I decided to ride out the down time outside working on that huge list from the other day, crossing off things as I went.
  • Pull tree seedlings out of rose garden and wildflower garden.
  • Cut out winter damage in roses.
  • Clip back tulips and other spring bulbs.
  • Dig grass out of all gardens.
  • Cut up broken branch from last week's windstorm.
  • Replant herbs (except parsley and oregano).
  • Cut landscape timbers to fit around new climbing roses.
  • Bring out patio table.
  • Put new bench together.
  • Plant morning glory.
  • Cut branches back from roof.
  • Pinch off peony side shoots.
  • Empty garbage cans of dirt/weeds.
  • Cover woodpecker hole in shed.
  • Weed strawberry bed.
  • Pinch off blooms from strawberries.
And a clarification about the pinching of the strawberry blooms. We planted brand new bareroot strawberries this year. Since they are in their first year and they are everbearing strawberries (setting fruit more than once), it's necessary to pinch off all the blooms until the first of July. By doing this, the plants will be stronger and healthier and we'll have a better crop next year. We won't have to pinch the blooms again - it's just a first year thing.

As for pinching off the side shoots from the peonies, that's an every year thing. By pinching off the side flowers early, the main flower will be bigger and stronger.

Since I'm starting to feel like a photographer (and a gardener), I started taking my camera outside with me every time I go. As I was cutting back the tulips (not the leaves, just the main stem of the spent plants), I took one last picture of them. I have a few pink ones that are just now coming on, but for the most part the tulips are gone. So one last attempt at taking a close up picture.