Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 176 of 365

Ever so often, especially when things aren't going my way, I think to myself, "How will I feel about this a year from now?"

It helps me put things in perspective. What may seem like a crisis now, in the grand scheme of things, isn't such a crisis. It's that way with my frustrations with myself, too. When I think clearly, it's a temporary frustration and isn't all that important.

Like today.

Today was my first day home all by myself, with my husband off at work, since May. I was so excited about having lots of time today to do whatever I wanted.

I had a list of things I wanted to do, but I don't know what happened. Time slipped away from me somehow. This morning was a little slow moving. The grocery shopping trip last night left my back, as usual, a little problematic this morning. By mid morning it was feeling a bit better, but I never fully recovered and didn't feel like I could give my list enough attention. It looks like some things - zucchini bread, laundry, and canning of tomatoes - will be put off until tomorrow. I got frustrated at my lack of accomplishment, but when I looked at what I did do, it should have been enough. (Yet most of what I did do certainly won't matter a year from now.) I:
  • got the irrigation pump started (it was down all last week).
  • picked tomatoes (about 100 of them).
  • picked corn for dinner.
  • got distracted by a school/work related e-mail that turned into a must-do project today (even though it's my day off).
  • got some bills paid. 
  • worked on a kids' charity quilt.

Of all those, the charity quilt was the most important. The top is done, the batting and backing are together, and I got it quilted.

On this day a year from now, six months from now, or a couple weeks from now, a child sick and in the hospital, might receive it on a day where things aren't going well for them.

That's what matters the most.