Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 156 of 365

My gastroenterologist wanted to make sure I showed up at today's appointment on time.

After I had my procedure on Day 98 where they biopsied my esophagus, they gave me a paper with my 9:30 appointment time on it. Then last month, they sent me a reminder card with my 9:30 appointment time on it. And this week when I was at my meetings, they called and left a message with my husband to remind me of my 9:30 appointment time.

I very much dislike mornings. Really, my joints don't like the mornings. After spending two days this week doing nothing but sitting at hours worth of meetings and yesterday at school when boxes of books and furniture moving filled my day, this morning was particularly rough. My knees wouldn't (and still barely won't) bend. My back was (and still is) killing me. I'm limping and hunched over like an old woman. But I had a 9:30 appointment to be on time to and I had no intention of canceling.

My daughter tagged along with me to my appointment. Since she lives/works close to the doctor's office, I offered to give her a ride to work. 9:30 doctor and 11:00 daughter-has-to-be-somewhere time should have been fine for my short follow-up visit.

We arrived early at 9:20, stood at the counter updating a one-page info sheet (I have an employer again!), and was seated in the waiting room before 9:25.

9:30 came and went.

9:40 came and went.

9:50 came and went.

Finally at 10:00 I asked the receptionist about how much longer it would be. At that point she informed me (and why she didn't tell me this when I sat down at 9:25, I'll never know) my appointment wasn't until 10:10 - they had told me 9:30 so I could be there early to fill out my paperwork.

HUH? 40 minutes for a one page update? And nowhere, in any of my three appointment cards/calls/notes showing 9:30, was it listed anywhere that my appointment was really at 10:10.

So I sat back down, a little bit (okay, a lot) ticked. My body hurts this bad, and I got myself up early to come over here to sit in these not-so-comfortable chairs and wait?

10:10 came and went.

10:20 came and went.

10:30 came and went.

And finally, about 10:35, I was taken back to a room. A room staffed by a "trainee". A gal who had to go over my records in the computer with me, but admitted she didn't know the computer system. More wasted minutes ticking by. When she was finally finished, she let me know the doctor would be another 15-20 minutes.

I gave the doctor 10 more minutes, but my waiting time was done. I had to get out the door and deliver my daughter. I attempted to reschedule my appointment, but was informed there weren't any appointments until the end of September.

Another HUH?.

So even though they repeatedly reminded me my appointment was at 9:30, I left there with my daughter just a bit before 11:00 without ever having seen the doctor. And no rescheduled appointment since my new work schedule isn't set in stone yet.

I have several refills on my prescription. I have no intention on going back to that office again.

I was so glad to get home and find a nice surprise in my garden.
Exercise update: Still going at 110 days in a row. Today was tough, but I got through it.