Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 154 of 365

As I was getting ready to head to my second day of out of town meetings, I realized I am so thankful right now.

So thankful that:
  • These last two days of meetings were close enough where I didn't have to fly. Or stay in a hotel, or eat out every day, or rent a car, or drive hundreds of miles across the state. The meeting was close enough for me to be there in less than 40 minutes.
  • The freeway construction is almost complete in one direction. After several years, there are now four lanes and the speed limit just finally went back to 65 mph this week. Saved me quite a bit on the morning commute.
  • I'm not the one doing the presenting. I remember vividly the stress associated with presenting to groups, and having to be "on" the whole time.
  • I again feel passionate for education. Walking into yesterday's meeting I still wasn't sure. By the time the day was over I felt like saying to myself, "I'm baack!"
  • My mental alertness is returning. Being on those pain meds for so long I've struggled with thinking clearly. After engaging in two days of academic-type talk, I realized things are getting clearer. My mind isn't completely back, but better than it was even just a few months ago.
  • I can force myself to get up early, force my body to get moving, and be on the road if I absolutely have to. (Although I don't think I could do it for a third day in a row.)
  • Even though I didn't get home until after 8:30 last night, I still had enough gumption-persistence-stubbornness to make myself get on the exercise bike.
  • My mom, who is in her late 60s, made it safely back to Idaho from California, towing a U-Haul trailer by herself.
  • My husband and daughter have expressed a willingness to help me maintain a healthy work-home balance.

I also wanted to jump for joy this afternoon.

I was excited to start and now I'm excited I'm finished. These fellas and gals kept me company on Day 132, Day 144, Day 150, and Day 152, but now the last one is finished and it's time to say goodbye. They're heading out the door on a trip to California.

Heading to The Painted Turtle Camp, a Hole in the Wall Camp. 24 children with life-threatening diseases will have a turtle pillow to take home because of the work I've done.

My biggest charity project so far is finished!