Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 172 of 365

Today was a day of meals from the garden.

Yesterday's harvest has left us with an abundance of fresh veggies, just ready for cooking.

Breakfast - BLT for hubby. Bright, red, beefsteak tomatoes. We don't have lettuce, so he substituted kale. For me, a breakfast burrito. Eggs full of onions (from the school secretary), hot peppers, and fresh homemade salsa all wrapped up in a tortilla.

Dinner - Spaghetti with homemade spaghetti sauce. Onions again, some garlic, and from our garden - beefsteak and Oregon Spring tomatoes, green bell peppers, oregano, and basil. Cooked it down all day on the stove.

Then, I followed people's advice and decided to film my tutorial today and post it on Tuesday. While it wasn't from the garden, it was garden inspired. Corn on the Cob cookies. Not cookies made from corn, but sugar cookies decorated to look like our Corn on the Cob. Look for the picture and the how-to tutorial on Tuesday.

Last but not least, after dinner I shredded our zucchinis and made some oh-so-delicious zucchini bread. Is there anything better in the world?