Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 159 of 365

It was the last celebration of the year for us today. We had my daughter's birthday in June, my birthday and our wedding anniversary in July, and now today is my husband's birthday. I like that we have them all close together, in the summer, when the weather is nice and we're off for summer break.

Even though we celebrated his birthday last week when our daughter was home, since today is really his birthday he got a second round of fun. Movies. New clothes shopping. Dinner. Groceries.

The two of us rarely ever go to the theater together, and when we do we usually go to see separate movies. Today is the first time we've seen the same movie in probably four years or so. Present number one.

He wanted some new school clothes and since last school year I was out of work and we were scrimping and saving, he was long overdue. Present number two, and three, and four, and...

He loves going out to dinner and that's been another thing we had cut back on, so he got to pick what he wanted. A gift from me to him.

Groceries. Not really a present, but we went with several coupons. He hates it when I shop with coupons because it slows things down, but I saved us $50!

And his favorite (albeit expensive) birthday cake from Dairy Queen.