Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 175 of 365

Finally. Finally I get to have a day off. Not today, but tomorrow.

How did I celebrate when I got off work today? Grocery shopping at Walmart.

It was time for that stock up we do every year. Unfortunately, I was much too tired to stock up like I thought I should ( I bought no soup, no chili, no tomato sauce, no meats). It wound up being staples - milk, chili powder, cat food, A1 - things that we've run out of and can't do without. And super tired = going out for dinner before shopping.

So after leaving the house after 5:00, going out to dinner, then going grocery shopping at Walmart, by the time I got back into the car to go home I was pooped. Thank goodness my husband was with me. He's good about letting me sit in the car while he loads the groceries in the back.

If it wasn't for him loading the groceries, I would never have seen what was tucked away in the "L" of the Walmart sign. Why I happened to look up at the sign on that particular part of the building, I'll never know - except to think maybe the universe knew I still needed a picture for the day.

You'll have to look closely. (It's a bird's nest.)

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