Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 152 of 365

The day is almost here. Or should I say, the days are almost here.

It's time to go back to work.

For the past year and a half, my focus has been on surviving and recovering from three separate surgeries. Then it was working on becoming pain-pill free. Then, getting through each day and having something to show for it. Focusing on my house and family. A big focus on sewing projects for charity. Other than a few bad dreams about school and a couple meetings and visits to school here and there, I've been school-free, work-free.

It all changes tomorrow. A couple days of meetings. Then, time to get my office in order and time to get studying up on some of my responsibilities.

I'm surprised I'm back at it.

I almost left education several years back. After 11 years, I'd had enough of being an elementary school teacher. I was disheartened by the system, by the politics. At the same time I was contemplating leaving, a new position came up. A position funded by a three year grant. I could do three years in that position. It would be something new - new experiences, new knowledge, and then I'd move on. Out of education.

But that three year grant turned into a four year grant. And then it went on for five years. And then the money was stretched out for six years. All along, I kept thinking it would be my last year in education. And every year, the grant money extended my position. All through those years I continued to get deeper and deeper into the education system. In addition to my job with the school district, I became a Technology Integration Specialist, a Certified Trainer for a textbook company, and an Independent Consultant for other school districts.

Now I've given up teaching technology classes. I took a leave of absence from my full-time school job over a year ago. I've stopped doing trainings for the textbook company, and in these last couple weeks have turned over my consulting to someone else.

I thought maybe my days working in education would be over this time.

It wouldn't be. I am going back to education. Back to the same building, the same office, but a different job. A new challenge, new experiences, and another opportunity to build new knowledge. Guess it's not time for me to leave after all.

And the other day that's almost here?

The day I send the turtles on their way. They're just about done.