Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 173 of 365

I'm a shopping slacker.

I haven't made a Target run for what seems like months. Maybe the end of May was my last one? (And that was only because it was my daughter's birthday.) I haven't been to Walgreens for any Register Reward items and haven't used any Albertsons double coupons.

And I haven't been doing so hot at keeping groceries in the house. The pickings from the pantry shelves are getting slim. Even the deep freeze is completely empty. We defrosted it last week and have yet to buy anything to refill it. No meats, no frozen vegetables, no frozen blueberries, no bread.

I'm going to have to get a move on. Usually at this time of year, we're stocking up for winter. I'm not sure exactly why we do it - it's not like we've gotten snowed in for more than a day or so. With only two of us in the house now I imagine we could not stock up, but that would put us into unfamiliar territory. We like "shopping" in our own pantry when we need something.

Today I did stop at the local grocery store in the town where I work and picked up a few meats. Just enough to get us by for a few more days. I know a big trip is going to have to come soon.

I may be slacking in the grocery shopping department, but I'm not slacking in the charity sewing department. I received a nice letter from The Painted Turtle Camp, thanking me for my work on the 24 turtle pillows I sent their way. (Day 154)

Then I finished a new baby quilt top with the fabric and pattern sent to me from the Quilts for Kids organization. I love the colors. Next stop- quilting it.