Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 155 of 365

My first week back has been a full one and it's only Thursday.

Readings, boxes, books, binders, and moving furniture. (Thank goodness my furniture mover - my daughter - was available one day.) Two days of out of town meetings. I come home dog tired, dead, with no energy left to exercise. I tried to get to the exercise in the mornings but unless I plan on getting up at 3 AM (which I'm not), my body isn't cooperative enough to get the legs moving on the bike.

But I have exercised. And I've gone over and visited my mom and had dinner at my daughter's. I've worked a teeny tiny bit in the garden and in the sewing room. (Not nearly the amount of time I'd like). Filmed a tutorial. Had a birthday celebration for my husband.

My new goals - on balancing...start a new charity project. And keep taking those pictures.

Yes, it is barely August and that is a big ole pumpkin hiding in the corn.