Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tutorial Tuesday - Luggage Tag

After we had luggage go astray three times in one year (Puerto Vallarta, Iceland, and San Francisco), we went to nothing but carry-ons for our trips. Once we even took a two week trip with nothing but a backpack. (That one was hard.) But now we're back to taking a checked bag and a carry-on, no matter how long the trip. (We share that bag and carry-on.) The only reason we need that much luggage is that we usually have it half full of Cheetos, Kit Kats, Peanut M&Ms, and Oreos. Not for us, but for our cruise ship crew friends we go to visit. It is just as important to us not lose our clothes as it is to not lose their gift bags of goodies.

We need someone from Honduras to get his goodies.
We need someone from India to get his.
We need someone from Nicaragua to get hers.
We need someone from Serbia to get hers.
And we need someone from India to get his. (Along with a baby gift - he's a new daddy.)

Can you tell it's going to be a busy few weeks this year?

So a new luggage tag it is.

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