Thursday, May 24, 2018

What to do with 19 Hours of Daylight in Alaska

While we're in between cruises we've been doing some touring around Alaska. Wildlife and scenery and food and quirkiness and lots of daylight.

First stop, car rental pickup in Whittier, Alaska at the convenience store/bait shop/hardware store/harbor store/car rental counter. Yep, it's just as crazy looking inside as it is outside.

Next up, drive the tunnel. The only way out of Whittier is through the train tunnel. I've driven it before and it is always scary driving on the train tracks.
My photo from 2012
Current photo. Scary!
Then breakfast for the road from the Alpine Bakery in Girdwood, Alaska. A gigantic blueberry scone and an apple fritter.

A stop to try and snap a photo of Mt. McKinley. Nope, too cloudy.

Another stop, more scenery, and lots more snow on the ground.

Careful of that moose crossing the road. 

Check into McKinley Creekside Cabins. A cozy queen bed cabin and an amazing view of the creek and mountains right out the door.

Dinner at the onsite cafe. Delicious cheeseburger, Turkey Pot Pie with the flakiest crust ever, and a unbelievable apple pie made by their brand-new baker.

No better way to spend the 19 daylight hours in Alaska.