Thursday, May 17, 2018

Island Princess to Alaska - Sea Day

Today was a sea day and it was packed with activities. We didn’t participate in any of them. Just spent time with our crew member guy and gal, and finally got our gal’s goodie bag delivered. We came to see them so our day revolved around their schedules.

In between the times when we were with him and then with her the most exciting thing happened to me. I just wish I was better prepared for it!

I was sitting at a table in the buffet while hubby was grabbing some food. I had my Cruising with Confidence book on the table because I’ve been proofing it for publishing. (The ebook and audiobook of the second edition have been out for a while, but I’m getting ready to add the print edition.) A lady walked by me, smiled, and stopped and spoke.

“That’s a really good book.”

My only response was, “This one?” and then, “Did you read it?”

And her answer to both was, “Yes”.

Now if I was thinking I would have asked her more about what she liked about the book. I would have said I knew the author. Or I could have really told the truth and said I was the author. But I was so taken aback I didn’t know what to say. I so blew it. Someone had read my book, said it was really good, and I didn’t do or say anything of any substance. Obviously I’m not a good PR person. Guess that’s something I need to work on.

Tonight was formal night. We used to do the dining room for dinners every cruise but after umpteen cruises we prefer grabbing something at the buffet. Rarely do we ever find a time we can’t find much to eat there. I’m a carving station fan so I stick to the beef, chicken, and turkey. Hubby is a soup and salad guy so there are always possibilities for him.

Of course we spent some time at Crooners, too. Although we don’t have to, we typically stay away from the lounges on formal night since we’re not dressed up. But about half the folks were wearing casual clothes so we didn’t feel bad about spending some time there.

Back to the cabin for another early evening. We set the clock back an hour tonight so an extra hour of sleep before we arrive at our first port tomorrow, Icy Strait Point.

Here are today’s Patters. If you'd prefer it in a Google doc you can find it HERE.