Wednesday, May 2, 2018

5 Things to do in London, England

It's Wanderlust Wednesday! Today we're talking about what to do in London, England.

It's hard to trim the list to just five things. There is just so much to see and do! But let's try:

1. Eat a proper English breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, and toast. A hearty way to start the day.
Or if you'd prefer, stop by a patisserie for something sweet.
2. Take a cruise on the Thames. There are many options - cruise only, meals, tours. Choose one that best fits your needs (and mobility). Just the tour for us, please. You'll get a history lesson along with some nice sightseeing views.

3. Take a Hop On Hop Off Bus tour. You can see everything you need to see and get on and off from multiple places around the city.

4. Take a trip out to Stonehenge.
While you're there, try one of the meat pies at the on-site cafe - if you have the patience. The crowds were terrible, the lines were too slow and way too long, but this particular food item was pretty tasty.
5. Try a shorter trip over to Windsor Castle, the oldest occupied castle in the world. If the Royal Standard flag is flying the Queen is in residence. If it's the British flag, she is not.
Or stop by Horse and Groom across the street for some chips. (Fries to us in the U.S.) Don't forget to check out their interesting bathroom walls.
London is a city that will require more than one trip - or more than a couple days - to tackle.